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Isle of Draco

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A world forgotten by many yet lives on in children's stories. The Isle of Draco is a magical island, caught in between dimensional planes. Closed off thousands of years ago, and ruled by the Tyrant King, Victor Recor, our hero's fight to liberate the island, and return home.   The players are plucked from their dimensional plane of existence and are forced to fight creatures for the entertainment of the king.   Draco is a very large island, about the size of Australia. However, your maps do not show the Isle of Draco. To the world which you come from, the Isle of Draco does not exist. A thousand years ago, Dragonborn wizards and warlocks were experimenting with a new teleportation technique. This technique would allow entire ships to be teleported with the work of a single wizard, dramatically reducing the travel time between continents. This experiment was lead by Roberto Dragone, who was experimenting with a handheld device which would open the portal. During a live demonstration, he used the object to teleport three colonist ships to a newly discovered group of islands that had yet to be named. The device successfully opened the portal, and the three ships passed through. The three ships, The Galician, The Sage, and The Lass were unharmed as they re-emerged out on the other side of the portal. However, they had not arrived where they intended, instead, they had discovered an even more valuable land mass that had yet to be discovered. The three ships laid anchor and began to set-up camp along the shore, and since they only just left the continent, they still had supplies that would last them several months. Once night fell upon the land, they realized that they no longer were in the realm in which they were born in. As they looked up into the sky, they saw the spectacular sight of the binary star system in which they now lived, and the two great moons who they named Soma and Cyra. Soma was a frozen moon, pure and white. Cyra looked as if its surface was covered in diamonds, and thus it was thought priceless. Both of the stars were named after two families who assisted in the journey. The large blue star was named after the family of healers which accompanied the trip, Wolf. The second star, which was about half as large as the other, had an orange tint to it and was named after the Dragone family which made it possible to travel to the aisle. The rest of the sky was filled with a dazzling display of gas clouds which reflected the light of the suns like glitter in the sky, spirals emerging in the cloud where other planets had begun to form. No one knew where they were, but the sight was so awe-inspiring, that nobody complained. They had a new place to call their own, a new home to make it the way they wanted to. The captain of the voyage, Vlad Recor was appointed king of the land, since everyone believed he was the most qualified. And so they began the colonization of the new isle, which they aptly named the Isle of Draco after the Dragone family who brought them there. The city of Philadelphia was the first to be established. Philadelphia was to become the port city, where all trade would occur, and the capital moved to the center of the aisle. Everyone felt blessed as the portal to their home remained open for several months, before the influx of tourists and colonials was too much for Vlad to handle. After ensuring they had enough supplies and farms to last the Isle several hundred years, they decided to close the portal. Roberto would continue his research, before passing the torch onto later generations, eventually falling into the lap of Anto. During this time of isolation, a handful of families emerged and grew into power. While the Dragone’s, the Wolf’s, and the Recor’s kept their noble rank due to their influence and history, a handful of other names were added. The Wylder’s, originally an organization of skilled treasure hunters, who would apply their skills to searching through the ruins of the land. The Whytes, an elite guard who swore an oath to protect the people. The Royce’s, originally they were the entertainers, the brothels, the gatherers of information. The families worked together to bring prosperity to the island for years, and with their help, many cities and towns flourished. However, this was only to last a couple generations, as Victor Recor soon took the throne. He was spoiled as a child and became hungry for power. He would tax the citizens of the Isle heavily, any farm that was unable to pay the tax would be acquired by the king, this was almost unavoidable, since he had also made it difficult for farms to even make a profit, forcing them to either give up their land or sell it to the king. Once Victor had ownership of the farms, he wouldn’t sell the product to the people and keep it for himself. Additionally, he began closing down pubs and brothels, claiming that they tainted the land with their presence and influence. Healers slowly had to increase their prices since herbs became increasingly more difficult to acquire, making their services more expensive. Funding for the portal research was cut, forcing Anto to fire his team of wizards and work on the project alone. The possession of ancient relics became illegal, causing the treasure hunter’s to give everything they had up to the king. The guards became arrogant, and consumed with power, and were ordered to oppress the public. The major families were stripped of their power and say in political decisions as they no longer could keep their noble status. This made the king’s court corrupted, as he placed who he wanted, so all votes would be in his favor.   Victor was in complete control.   The portal was never to be opened to other realms. However, Draco ships would constantly set forth and attempt to explore the realm in which they resided. However, they became lazy and continued to use the portals instead of taking month-long journeys. The ships would sail away until the isle is no longer in sight, use the portal, and would end up right back at the aisle. The only device that allowed for transport between realms, was in Anto’s Possession.