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Rune Tattooist


While most Runesmiths etch on metal, wood and other inanimate materials, a rune tattooist takes the art of Runes and binds them to flesh. Via replicating a rune itself or adding it into a design, a skilled Rune Tattooist can blend the graphic arts and meaningful imagery and charge it with powerful intent.  
"This is incredible, thank you so much! I can already feel some of the pain in my back easing up..." She turned her head, looking over her shoulder. In the middle of her back a healing rune was incorporated into a swirling design, full of colour and life.   "Oh yeah, It's what we discussed, a main rune and some extra mana ink symbology for magic stability. I remember you talking about it last time you got inked and added it into the design, on the house." The lightning dragon smirked, looking at them fondly. "You know the routine, typical care, avoid the sun there for a bit." He pat them on the shoulder. "I'll get it covered and then you can head out."   "Mmhmm! Just let me look for a little bit more?"   "Sure thing.

Legality of Runes

  While a Rune Tattooist is able to draw whatever designs they wish, there are some things that are above them-- or rather, below them. Their restraints are similar to other Runesmiths and they must avoid using outlawed runes. Usage of these runes in a design or otherwise tattooed on a person will result in jail time, fines, and even the loss of their license.  

But What Are Illegal Runes?

  Illegal runes are varied, but heavily documented. These runes may have been used in the past and are now considered amoral, or have been restricted since runesmithing came into practice. Some of the types of runes that are illegal to tattoo on a person are as follows:  
  • Ownership Runes (Runes that bond the tattooed to another person)
  • Mind-Altering Runes (such as compulsion runes)
  • Control Runes
  • Physical Damage or Disabling Runes
  As long as the rune does not harm the persons' mind, body or soul in anyway, it is considered a legal rune. Runesmiths and Rune Tattooists are not exempt to laws via ignorance, and must always be up to date on Rune Legality Laws.


Career Progression

A Rune Tattooist can start their career either in the tattoo field with studies of the arts before transferring to a Runesmith series of courses, or they can begin in Runesmithing and move into the tattooing industry as a specialty.  


  An apprentice is given simple tattoos, with designs made by a professional and someone more experienced than them. They are guided through tattoos and designs, so that they can learn the trade. They practice on pumpkins and other items close to skin texture, before moving onto living beings to have as few mistakes in the process as possible.  

Rune Tattooist

  After years of training and guidance, apprentices graduate to the base level of Rune Tattooist, now free to design their own work without guidance if they wish. They receive certification that they are experienced enough to work with runes.



  • Mana Ink
  • All gear associated with high end tattoos; Tattoo Gun, gloves, cleaners, etc.


Rune Tattooists work with a very special brand of Mana Ink, requiring it to be skin safe. This brand of Mana Ink is expensive, and as a result so are the tattoos. The ink is also stored in specialty rooms within the shop, runed and set at a very specific temperature to avoid spoiling it. When it's taken out to be used, they're stored in a small, cooled container.
Rune Tattooists are in high-demand, however their services are considered a luxury.
This profession is legal and heavily monitored by the law. Similar to a Runesmith, if a Rune Tattooist is caught breaking the law with illegal runes, their certification will be revoked and possibly unable to re-obtain.
Other Associated professions

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Cover image: by ChaosTearKitsune


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30 Dec, 2018 23:35

What a lovely article to read!. I am curious though if there are any illegal rune tattoo shops or places were one could get a rune tattoo that is considered illegal?. For instance for criminals etc ?.

31 Dec, 2018 01:13

You could probably get illegal tattoos done, but it wouldn't be in a prim and proper shop and stuff. You'd bring the tattoo'er to you, or something similar.