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Parker Malachi


  Parker Malachi is the only child between a Vampire father and Human mother. Due to this heritage, he has very pale skin and mild sun sensitivity. This doesn't stop him from going out at all hours of the day to explore his neighbourhood, even if he comes back with a sunburn for his trouble. Parker is a bright and cheerful person, and is described as a polite and curious by his peers, often reading or asking people questions in rapid-fire to the point of sometimes being too much for others.  

Penumbra Incident

  Parker's life was normal, almost boringly so. He went to school, he hung out with friends, got into trouble though he lived in a comfortable and safe community, so it was met with scoldings and mild punishment. Until his plain appearance and perfect town made him easy to miss.  


  One day found Parker's life changed forever. Savagely attacked and then spirited away, Parker lost consciousness with two arms. He woke up with one. His left arm, a few inches above his elbow, was gone.   Full of confusion and fear, Parker was told that he was attacked and lost his arm. However, the cut seemed too neat, a feat of surgical perfection.

CIEL Injection

  While still reeling from the amputation of his limb, Parker is put through an operation and experimentation without his consent. An injection of Ciel into his bloodstream, an offering that he may get his arm back... If he doesn't die.   However, despite the odds and managing to survive, Parker is now faced with the fact there is an experimental substance in his veins, and it appears to respond to his heartbeat; whenever his heart begins to race, he begins to gain a left arm made of the strange black substance known as Ciel.



Ciel Arm

The arm surged forward with a disgusting twitch and spasm of the muscles underneath. We watched as the boy thrashed in bed; tied down of course for his own safety as the first test occurred. We could hear the heart monitor beep with increasing frequency as the transformation occurred, and his crying seemed to spur the formation of the arm on.
  It wasn't pleasant to listen to of course. But it was a required lesser evil; if this could form and be viable, CIEL would be the biggest thing in the medical field.
  The arm awkwardly extended from the bicep, forming a mass that could easily pass as a forearm. It coated the amputated stump of the boy's arm, and appeared to coil around part of his neck. His panicked breathing and cries were quieter now, though we could still hear that his heartbeat was high above the normal rate; nothing to require intervention, but enough to take note of.
  It took a long moment before the arm continued its growth, suddenly surging forward with a sickening splatter. Stray droplets of CIEL dropped to the floor and bed, and it was easy to see CIEL refuse dripping from his mouth and other mucous membranes... Notes were made, and we watched as it slowly dripped into a length that surpassed a normal human arm. We watched as spikes grew from where the elbow joint should have been: at first we assumed that it was building a prominent bone spur, but it seemed to explode outward as the CIEL struggled to conceptualize a hand.
  We were shocked to see that it managed three finger like protrusions, and something in a mockery of a thumb. It was more surprising to see the arm suddenly grip the bed, making it crumple under its grasp. It jerked and twitched, and as we watched in awe, it pulled some of the restraints off of the boy. He was slick with sweat and CIEL, and we knew then that we had something. If it could rebuild a crude arm.... Parker Malachi was the next step of the CIEL program...And he was a success.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Parker appears to be a very healthy young adult, aside from his left arm being amputated slightly below the bicep. He is lithe and has a slight softness to his features, which gives him an innocent look. Parker's most striking features would have to be his eyes, due to their sectional heterochromia.
Parker Malachi
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Green, with partial heterochromia of ice blue in lower left eye
Black, dyed with red
5' 6"
C.I.E.L Mana Percentage: 40%
Chemical Compound Percentage: 60%
Mana Infused Creature DNA: N/A (Subject is first Damphyr tested*)
Test Subject: Parker Malachi
Designation: Gamma ( γ )
Noted Effects During Injection: Parker Malachi was brought to Penumbra and injected with CIEL 3.5.3 without pre-approved consent, as there was a rare opportunity for unique research. Subject was suffering from a forced amputation of the left arm, a few inches below the bicep.

Subject Gamma was injected with 3.5.3 as an assessment of C.I.E.L's regeneration capabilities.

There was significant delirium after injection, and similar to Beta suffered from a heavy fever and chills. In addition to fever and chills, Subject Gamma's left side would frequently twitch and spasm. The spasms seemed to be connected to C.I.E.L and its reaction to the amputation.

Similar to Alpha's mutations, Ciel 3.5.3 created a fake, crude replacement for Subject Gamma's amputated arm. The arm is noted to not be permanent, as once the subject's pulse had calmed and they had lost consciousness, the Ciel sloughed off and evaporated. This is considered the first step toward limb replacement.
*A pre-made dosage was used for Gamma, as it was an impromptu decision to include him in human testing.
A report about Parker's injection of CIEL, from within Penumbra's archives.

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Cover image: by ChaosTearKitsune


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10 Dec, 2018 20:32

This is quite creepy. I like it!
So... what about his parents? Do they know about CIEL? What do they think about it?

10 Dec, 2018 20:34

P.S.: It might be useful to mention that his biological sex is male when you only say "Cis" as his gender identity. '^^

10 Dec, 2018 20:50

Whoops! It's in a different category and I missed it on my first pass, thank you so much! His parents do not know about CIEL, and just know that their son is missing. Thank you for the comments, I'll be adding more detail soon : D

Ariel Webster
13 Jan, 2019 01:57

I like this character as a whole, but what astonishes me is how his arm an ciel as a whole is similar to a concept in my world, in both look and behavior, known as black blood (honestly I'd think it'd be a hoot to sit down and compare with you sometime.)   The only think that gets me, and it could just be your art style, but I had to double take at "Parker appears to be a very healthy young adult" cause his art makes him look very young, like 14 or 15 years old at best.

23 Apr, 2019 03:43

oh man I..... totally thought I replied to this and then deleted my notification for it. My bad!   I drew Parker very baby faced in this, yes. I'm going to use his half-vampire blood as an excuse for all that squish, for now.

Ariel Webster
27 Apr, 2019 00:13

Looks like he'll be carded at the bar for a long time haha.

2 May, 2019 01:27

Hah, I may have to make that a thing, that he's always assumed to be younger than he is. : P