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Consent Form for Magical Tattoos

Just Sign Under The Dotted Line...


Consent Forms for Magical Tattoos, or Magic Tattoo Contracts (henceforth abreviated to MTC) are contracts written between a 'recipient' and a Rune Tattooist . These can have a wide variety of terms, but the end goal is to protect both parties from harm, either financially or physically.


The purpose of MTCs are to protect both parties of the contract from physical and financal harm. They allow the Rune Tattooist to set terms and conditions they're comfortable with, and allow the recipient to review the T&C and judge whether or not they are comfortable moving forward.


The creation of these contracts were prompted by a civil case of the plantiff Hawk Tasker versus the defendant Noela Finnin. This case made way for stricter contracts and enforcements in regards to agreements between parties. Prior to this case, the contracts were simply between the parties and the government was not involved.  

Case Details

While travelling, Mx. Tasker was bit by a L.E.M.S.I. bug, and returned home to a tattoo appointment later that week. The Rune Tattoo was applied, and shortly after the plantiff suffered from a severe case of Mana Poisoning which lead to a development of Mana Deficiency. Upon being diagnosed, Mx. Tasker sued the defendant for pain and suffering, medical costs, and professional malpractise.

In the end, Mx. Hawk was proven to be deceptive on their contract, and dilibrately did not disclose their bite by the L.E.M.S.I. This fact would have allowed the defendant to cancel and reschedule the tattoo until it was safe to do so, causing the judge to rule in her favor.


The goals of a MTC are to legally protect the parties involved in the case of any malpractise on either party's part and to ensure their health and safety.

Contract, Private
Digital Recording, Text
Publication Status MTCs are often publicly available and are often example contracts easily searchable online and offline. However the examples vary wildly from one to the next, so one would be better off to ask the Rune Tattooist they are planning to go to for their specific contract.
"So, I want you to look over this and fill it out once you read it over." The Lightning dragon commented, sliding a piece of paper and a pen across the table to their customer. "It's the consent release form. Basically a nice way of saying 'I'm allowing this person to stick a bunch of needles in me for a few hours'," they laughed.

  Their customer, a plain old human, glanced over the form. "Makes sense to me." he replied. "So I just sign in a few spots and that's it?"

  "That's it. Then we can get right to the tattoo."

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Grandmaster Serukis
Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Jul, 2020 13:27

I love the fact that you know the case law that prompted the creation of these contracts. Such a great little detail!

Emy x