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Blue-Finned Mhara


The Blue-Finned Mhara, known colliquially as the 'Beared Whale'. This creature is native to the eastern and western seas of Isidoro, known to live within the deepest portions of the sea habitable by the rare clan of Mermaids, as well as Water Dragons. There is no significant size difference seen between sexes.

Basic Information


The Blue-Finned Mhara is named for its blue fluttering fins that decorate its dorsal fin and sides. These aren't used in locomotion, and are theorized to be left-over from evolution. The Blue-Finned Mhara's body is similar to whales and while their colouration is a vivid red and golden-yellow instead of grey, the separation of colour is similar with a lighter underside and flukes.   The most prominent feature of the Mhara are their four tentacles which they use for catching and restraining prey. These golden tentacles span over half of their body length, and though they aren't used for movement in the water, they are still highly functional. While typically billowing underneath them while they swim, netting them the nickname Bearded Whale, Mhara can suddenly pull these forward to grasp prey and pull it toward their hidden beak.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Considered an apex predator due to its size and lack of predators, the Blue- Finned Mhara consumes a variety of prey. Fish, squids, and seals are their main meals. It is not above it to reach out with its tentacles and pull anything it can into its beak for an opportunistic meal.   In rare cases it is even documented to have bored into whales to grab the occasional snack.
40 years
Average Weight
2,500 kg
Average Length
5–7 m
The water dragon leaned on her barstool, clutching the drink she had. Her horn on her forehead had a large crack in it, her body covered in scars. She was the only dragon in the bar, surrounded by humans and fae that were talking about their plans to go diving.   "Listen, I know you think goin' for dives and pestering the things are good fun'n all, but for real," she knocked back a large chug of her beer before slamming it down on the counter. "Don't do it. It may look like it's slurping up noodles but that thing will kill you and eat you without hesitation." When no one seemed to pay her warnings any mind, she shrugged. "Don't say I didn't warn you." She mumbled into her booze.

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