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Ashkah and the Air Dragon

The Sunset Pair

(....)The dragon is something I've never heard of or seen before. It's an air dragon that I'm sure of. Everything matches the descriptions of them, but the feathers are like they've been brushed against sunset clouds, and flecked with sunlight.   Its beautiful.   I wonder if it's a sign... I should try to get back home...Not give up. My wife will be missing me.
— part of an entry in Ashkah's travel journal.

The Woman & The Dragon

Ashkah, known as Ash to the people who were close to her, was a travel enthusiast. She had a heavy interest in history, and often went on adventures to gain inspiration for her tales. She'd bring these writings back to her family, and community to share.   With a harsh past, Ash was travelling as a means for self-recovery, encouraged by her loved ones. Little did she know, it set her up for a one of a kind encounter.
An air dragon morph named after Ashkah.

Travel Journals

  The only evidence of this myth being something that occurred is a tattered journal belonging to Ash, and held onto by her family. Very few people have seen the entire thing, and select phrases and pages have been allowed to be copied. Nature related professionals and people doing dragon studies have the most information. These are a few of the excerpts:  
I'm lost. Cell signal is gone, and I can't reach anyone. I have enough supplies for a few more days, but I don't know what to do. I should have marked my path better. I can only hope I come across another traveler, camper, anyone really.

Something found me.

Not a person. An air dragon. (...) Can't communicate with them well. They're smart things, so hopefully they understood. I just have to hope.
(....) The dragon comes and goes. I see it at sunset and sunrise. It leads me to water sources, to places to find food. I rest during the day, and it leads me during the times the sun is low. (...) [There's a sketch of the dragon underneath, sketchy and...honestly a little crude]   Is it odd to be envious of a dragon? It's so beautiful and I can't do it justice.
It notices when my coughing gets worse and lets me lean on it. I should be close to home soon. Just a little longer and I can have a proper rest.
  Ashkah was aided by the air dragon and traveled back to her home. She spent the evening with her family, but unfortunately passed away in her sleep, the travel and her previous history being too much for her. The family claims that the next morning they saw two of the dragons with the same colouration, one smaller than the other.   It is believed that her spirit and the dragon's magic caused an anomaly, and that the two now help lost travelers. Very few Ashkah Air dragons have been seen, and are considered especially rare.


The story goes that Ashkah, a human traveler who was roaming Isidoro and had become lost in the deep forests of Quecel. While she was lost and almost giving into despair, a dragon came into her campsite; it's feathers like nothing Ash had heard of before in her lifetime with its plumage reflecting the setting sun.   She begged for its help, telling the dragon she was lost, and needed to get back to her family. Ash spoke no Draconic, and wasn't sure if the language barrier could be crossed. While the dragon didn't change shape it did stay in her camp, protecting her.   As the sun rose the next day, the dragon woke her, and began to lead her out of the deep forests. The duo traveled slowly, Ash feeling weary and exhausted from her previous travels and tribulations. The dragon was able to lead her to her loved ones, where she passed during the evening. The next morning, there was two outside the home, and they disappeared before the sun could rise high into the air.   This particular morph of air dragons is named after her, in her honor.
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Author's Notes

This is a memorial based article to a friend who has passed away. I do not mind critique of spelling or grammar on this article, but would like to avoid critique on the story structure as this is done for emotional healing as well as Summer Camp.   I appreciate your understanding.

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