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Strongholds & Felines

A One-Shot Adventure in Isekai

Written by RiverFang  
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All travel and trade in the Human Empire eventually make its way to Stronghold. You are no different, following the wanderlust that runs so rampant in Isekai. This was a planned stop, a few days to earn enough coin to continue on your travels, but your ties to the Dagger Guild lead you to the Splintered Bone Inn. Here, you know the resident innkeeper Kel should be able to give you a job to keep your belly and pockets full for at least a little while.

Premade Characters

Many of these characters utilize homebrew classes that are unique to Isekai as a setting. If you don't have time for a Session 0 or character creation, use these premade character sheets as a quick play option.  
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Joining the Dagger Guild was a simple decision. For adventurers or those that followed their wanderlust, joining the guild was a sure-fire way to make sure that most days there was a roof over their head, food in their belly, and coin in their purse. Since the Eldritch War, the Dagger Guild was the only guild of its type, catering to those that traveled and sold their abilities instead of their wares. Artisan guilds existed in abundance, but those wouldn't keep you fed during your travels.   The inn was obvious as you wandered through Stronghold, marked with the guild's symbol in the illuminated window. Inside, you knew warm food and a soft bed awaited you for the paltry monthly fee that you paid the guild. The guild master would answer your questions and point you towards jobs that would hopefully line your coin purse until you made it to the next town, or at least grant enough coin to outfit yourself better against the creatures that lurked outside the city's walls.   Your time in Stronghold would only number a handful of days, but even that was enough to take a job or two. The job board was full, wanted posters ready for the taking. You look at a few, but the guild master approaches you, parchment in hand, knowing smirk on her face.

Table Rules

Rules specific to Isekai can be found in the At Our Table category. This is how the creators of the world play, but these rules are entirely optional for your own game.  
This one-shot was created using the D&D 5e system through the permissons of the OGL


Author's Notes

This one-shot came about through running games for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. While not an exact copy of the game I run for them, this one-shot is heavily based off their ideas and the fun we've had playing together. Check out the group's exploits in Beginners' D&D.   Anyone is welcome to test out and run this one-shot in our world of Isekai. If you do, leave me a comment here or a message on Discord telling me how it went!

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