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Pelane Storyweaver Elanamune (Pel-ane Elan-a-moon)

Storyteller & Former Shaman Pelane Storyweaver Elanamune

Her voice tends to draw people to her, from the Cradle, from beyond our plains, from everywhere that has ever heard one of her stories, the glass of the records hindering her magical tone very little. Many say that she is heavily blessed by the divine, that her angelic voice should be heard the continent over, her youth put on display as she travels, but once they see her, they realize their mistake.
Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi on the Storyweaver
  A pile of twisted and matted yarn sits at the feet of an old woman, her voice ringing out in quiet song as she pulls apart the snares and snarls before returning to her knitting, the beginnings of a blanket layered in her lap. She sings the songs she used to hear the farmers sing out in the fields, of rain and healthy soil, of bushels harvested and hung. Her voice never wavers over the harsher words of Giant that her people rarely sung, but she didn't mind them as she sat alone with her work.   Eventually, the children would come by to visit her, waiting by her open window after their parents had finished with them for the day. With work and schooling finished, the younglings could finally come to listen to the words of Miss Pelane, of stories that their parents had stopped telling because they couldn't do it just right, not like the old woman who lived on the edge of the village. Miss Pelane regales them with stories for hours until the sunset moments call everyone home and she returns to her knitting. It is these moments that bring the biggest smiles and tug the heartstrings, these moments that she is still the Storyweaver.   Pelane Elanamune has many stories to tell, those she shares with the children, those she has put her voice to over the years, but none bring such sadness that her own does. Known as the Storyweaver, the woman with the angelic voice, her story did not start out on a path to greatness. But much like every story with a grand ending, the protagonist finds their strength, or her case, their voice, and continues on the path to the ending. Even though her story is full of trials and tribulations, this old woman who lives on the edge of the village and spends her days singing and telling stories for the children, was once one of the most well-known Storytellers to have ever lived in the land of Isekai.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a youngling, Pelane was considered a normal child, one who would eventually take her place either working in the fields or tending to the animals as many Clay Giants did when she came of age. Until her tenth birthday, she focused on her schooling, much as her mother wished she would, and became interested in the Storytellers and Shamans that were so prevalent amongst her people. Pelane was relatively happy and was set on a path of pride, but a simple accident would change that path to something much different.   During one of the yearly Tatanka Roundups, Pelane was trampled by a loose Tatanka, essentially losing the movement of her lower extremities. Unable to walk, the girl became homebound, left to whatever she could reach as her parents and siblings continued their lives. The village Shaman called for a Cleric from the Human Empire to help cure the girl's wounds, but even magic could not heal the child. With her path forever altered, it seemed that Pelane would become a burden to her family, something that did not sit well amongst the pride of the Clay Giants. Their culture thrived on pride and one's usefulness to society, something that one paralyzed could not find in a culture that put great stock in physical labor. Even so, the young girl would find a new path, one that would lead her to grand things.
Bison by RiverFang
Tatanka are large creatures descendant from the giant Tante that once roamed the Cradle of Clay. Breeding efforts of the Clay Giants led to the first Tatanka.

Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear

Even when tragedy befell me, I never lost the stories that I had fallen in love with. The stories of the Clay Giants are full of heart and overcoming difficulties. Nothing ever said I had to settle with the story I seemed to have been given.
— Pelane Storyweaver Elanamune
  With her future of joining the work in the fields or on the plains dashed, Pelane turned to the stories that she had studied and heard to bring joy into her painful days. Long after her accident, the pain rarely faded, phantoms shocks running through a physique that was not used to such levels of trauma. She copied the songs sung from the fields, adding her voice from the chair she often sat in near the window of her parents' home. When the singing turned to storytelling, she repeated the stories, practicing the inflections and tonations that the Storytellers of the Clay Giants excelled at. Her life became the stories that floated in through the window, copying and practicing until her voice rang clear with courage and pride in her abilities.   One such afternoon of practice, Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi, a young member of STORY, heard her voice carry through the village on the wind as he stopped in his travels to the Human Empire. The voice he heard carried weight and a tone that caught everyone's attention that walked past the open window. As he traveled closer to her, he heard the words of the famed story, the Legend of the White Tatanka, a story known by all of their people, but never told with such spirit. Their interaction would cause Mokan to ask her to join STORY as one of the many performing Storytellers of Storybrook, an honor that teenage Pelane eagerly accepted.  
Excited to finally have found a place amongst her people, Pelane agreed to serve as one of the traveling Storytellers, ones that traveled to different villages to share stories and excite the people of the area about the upcoming Storybrook. With the aid of Mokan and others, Pelane was able to travel without issue, with only a few days of pain. For nearly five years, she traveled around the Cradle of Clay, sharing stories and songs that she had memorized during her years at home. Her clear voice brought her renown and when the tours of storytelling began each year, the Shamans of the villages requested her specifically, stating that her storytelling encouraged the people of the villages to better themselves and follow the paths that they were meant to be.   This travel began to take a toll on a body already damaged. Years of pain management, with and without magic, had taught her that days spent near the Arcane Geysers tended to limit her pain, almost erasing the ever-aching feeling she often had. Eventually, she chose to
Cradle of Clay
The Cradle of Clay is home to the Clay Giants and important magical locations known as Arcane Geysers. While the magical dust from these geysers is an important export of the area, the Clay Giants are extremely proud of their horses that are known for their great endurance.
return to the village where her parents lived to be close to the geysers and the Arcane Dust that was common in the air. While this was the end of her traveling career, Pelane continued with her storytelling, but in a way that would lead her to greater fame.  

Becoming the Storyweaver

Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear
Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear is the historical society of the Clay Giants and other lesser Giantkin. This organization specializes in the preservation of oral traditions and histories through a variety of methods, including audio recordings.
Storybrook had always been more than just live storytelling in villages across the Cradle of Clay. STORY had intended the event to be used to record the oral traditions of the Clay Giants on formats that were not easily lost to time. As the organization worked with the Starlit Academy to develop a device that would record sound on discs made of compressed Arcane Dust, Pelane began writing down the stories and songs she knew. This added to the archives greatly, but her greatest contribution would come once recording equipment was available.   With the invention of the recorder, sound could be recorded on discs made of compressed Arcane Dust and played on a record player. Pelane was the first to receive one of these machines and helped the students at the Starlit Academy test and perfect the machine over the course of five years. She began recording the most famous stories of the Clay Giants, offering clear voice work with tonations and inflections that didn't need the somewhat flamboyant movements of live Storytellers to convey the meaning of the story. Pelane also wrote transcriptions of the stories, utilizing the Common script and delicate handwriting that anyone could read.   Pelane was rampant in her storytelling, recording constantly for a few years, retelling the most common stories of her people. As she ran out of stories, she began to tell her own, creating new and original stories that she also recorded and shared with the world. She completed additional recordings that gave context to the culture of her people, creating objects that people could teach from. As she entered her thirtieth year, many pointed out that she lacked one of the most obvious parts of her culture, a title granted by someone else. Because of her work with STORY, the Shamans of the Cradle granted her the title of Storyweaver, a title that no one else would ever receive.   Decades later, upon her sixtieth birthday, Pelane received the honor of being chosen as the Shaman of her village. While this honor was often granted to those of the area that had proven themselves in the Vollan Rue, those that had called the village home for decades had often looked towards Pelane's knowledge of history and her people. Her continuous storytelling across the years had made her a scholar and orator, one well-versed in the ways of the Clay Giants. She accepted the honor gladly, but with a simple condition.
While her health had stabilized throughout the years, bad days still existed. She wished to only serve as Shaman for a single decade so that she could return and continue her life's passion. An odd request, but her village agreed.  

Beyond the Cradle

Those that visit the archives never understand when I refer to her as an old friend. The voice does not age like the body. Those that hear her voice expect a young woman, not the elder that awaits them.
Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi
  Pelane's return to the world of storytelling was called a grand success. Over the years, she had gained little interest from outside the Cradle of Clay, but as she began recording the stories of other races, more people learned of her and wished for her to travel and tell her stories. By this time, age had made travel quite impossible, but few believed that the voice they had grown used to hearing on the recordings was that of an old woman.   Many traveled to the Cradle of Clay to seek out the Storyweaver. Most refused to believe those in the village when they were pointed to a simple house on the edge where an elderly woman sat with her knitting. She sang to the children that sat around her, telling stories, giving advice. But as those from outside the Cradle sat and listened, they began to realize the truth of the Storyweaver.
Date of Birth
2 Spring's Noon, 187 EA
Year of Birth
185 EA 115 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


One of the main jobs that Pelane has taken up within STORY is the recording and transcription of stories and oral histories from across the Northern Continent. Originally, she focused on the many oral traditions of the Clay Giants, stories that had been passed down by Shamans and other Storytellers since the settlement of the Cradle. As the popularity of her recordings and transcriptions grew, she began recording the stories of other races, speaking only in Common so that the recordings would be accessible to all. Her transcriptions are known for her clear and delicate script that leaves no question of the meaning or words used.   To date, Pelane has recorded and transcribed over one thousand stories, includings those from the Clay Giants, the Elves, and even the Fairies. Her recordings and transcriptions reside in STORY's archives in the Starlit Tower where they can be accessed by anyone allowed into the archives. The most popular recording is her redition of the Legend of the White Tatanka, possibly the most well-known of all Clay Giant stories.  
Legend of the White Tatanka
Prose | Feb 26, 2022

But the legend of the White Tatanka is not as simple as it seems. For one young man found the fabled beast, but his decisions and greed dictated his path, far away from the prosperity the Tatanka was leading him to.


Original Stories

The Clay Giants are known to have hundreds of stories and songs that are well-known throughout the Cradle of Clay. Many of these oral traditions date back to the settlement of the Cradle and have changed very little since their inception. After recording a great number of the known stories, Pelane began creating her own works, often short stories, poems, and songs that gave light to lesser-known aspects of the Clay Giant culture. Her most well-known original works often reference the goddess Rerena as Pelane credits the goddess with leading her down a path to success and pride even after her accident seemingly removed that from her.  
Path of Clay
Document | Jan 20, 2022

A compilation of original stories by Pelane Storyweaver Elanamune, the Path of Clay is the only group of stories to be considered serialized in the archives of STORY as it was intended for each individual piece to add to a whole story with greater meaning


New Technologies

Pelane and her rampant storytelling were paramount to the development of well-designed technologies that allowed for the recording of audio. She worked with the students of the Starlit Academy to develop and perfect the Recorder, a device that carved sound waves into a disc of compressed Arcane Dust. Eventually, the device to record and play the discs would become one, with Pelane receiving the first prototype for her continued work and testing.  
Recorders are an innovative technology developed by the Starlit Academy to record audio on discs created by compacting Arcane Dust. While originally only in use by Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear, the technology is now utilized by a great number of races for a variety of reasons.

Character Portrait image: Pelane Storyweaver Elanamune by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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