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Written by RiverFang

The subject of the ages, forever changing and growing with the times and those that wish to interpret it. History is the basis for all magic and is a requirement for all students that step through the doors of the Starlit Tower. Its headmaster, Alexander Cross, a man himself that is beyond the times, requires this instruction of his students, taking the teaching of the subject into his own hands.   Having lived for centuries, Cross has seen the truth of history in magic, he understands that the magic that those of the holy and arcane arts use in present times is steeped deeply in the magic of old. Little changes over the course of centuries with magic. Only the discovery of new uses and new abilities add to the old, well-known histories of the arcane arts. History gives meaning to the present, allowing for those that practice the arts of magic to understand the depth behind the skills they use.   Through his teaching and research of history, Cross has dabbled in new interpretations of history and its magic. His thoughts become fact when immortalized in the worn book known as The Spectrum of Magic. The history he teaches and uses for his thoughts is that same that has been taught for generations, only his interpretation of it has changed.
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