Gralmor Bronzemantle

Written by RiverFang

Alchemist Gralmor Bronzemantle

From the shrouded corner of the forge, the soft sounds of clinking glass can be heard, muffled by the dark tapestries that separate that portion of the room from the rest of the forge. The light of a small flame flickers from underneath the thick cloth, alerting the Bronzemantle brothers to the presence of one of their own. A few more moments of clinking glass and bubbling potions bring forth the third Bronzemantle brother as he presents another finished potion, one that this time will tint the silvery metal that his brothers work so quickly over.   Gralmor Bronzemantle is the resident Alchemist of Tholladur, using his talents of potion brewing to aid his brothers through their busy work of forging a variety of weapons. His potions force of tiredness and bring greater clarity to those that work bent over the forge, while other of his creations work to add color, shine, and other properties to the otherwise unyielding metals that the Bronzemantle Clan uses for their grand weaponry.   In a clan that celebrates metalsmiths and blacksmiths, alchemy is a trade that Gralmor believed would never be passed to the future generations. His wish to teach others came true through his brother Thurgrim's child, Senku, who wished to learn potion making at quite a young age. Many hours were spent tucked in the corner of the forge, hushed conversations drowned out by the loud clanging of metal on metal. Even so, the trade was passed down to the next generation in hopes that the quality and grandeur of the Bronzemantle weaponry would continue.


Family Ties


Current Location
Dwarven Culture
Date of Birth
27th of Fall's Morning, 125 E.A.
Year of Birth
124 E.A. 176 Years old
Long, red
Skin Tone
135 lbs
Aligned Organization
Bronzemantle Clan
Other Affiliations

Cover image: Mountains
Character Portrait image: Thergan the Alchemist by Anthony Lorente


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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
22 Oct, 2020 13:05

You don't see dwarf alchemists very much. I really like the sound of him! :)

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