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Golden Flames Inn

Written by RiverFang

On the edge of a bustling dock in the Little Greenwood, a gilded building marked simply with the letters "OZ" rises from the landscape, its golden color shimmering in the sun. People of all types enter, some leave with bags of gold, others with bottles of warm liquids. From the outside, one may be confused about what type of building this golden temple is, but once inside, the magnitude of what was built shines through.   Welcome to the Golden Flames Inn, an entity of Fire & Gold, Inc.. Within, you will find many things, the only limitation is what gold you have upon you. Inside rests a tavern and inn, one of many in this part of the Little Greenwood, but one can also expect to find the bank that holds the currency of Fire & Gold, Inc. and its proprietor.
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4 Feb, 2021 01:38

Ooo interesting. :D I like it's a mix of a bank and a tavern.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
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