Coven Leader

Written by RiverFang

The group of women bows their heads in reverence as a figure shrouded in deep purple makes her way to the front of the room. Fairies, Elves, and others stand together as they await the introductions of their goddess-chosen leader, the woman of such deep faith that Libra herself chose the woman to stand as a leader amongst women that have experienced nothing but hardship in past centuries. The woman who wears the colors of her coven and her goddess is set to become the new leader of their coven, one who leads with integrity and faith.   Coven Leaders are strong women that have been chosen by the goddess Libra to lead one of the many Covens of the Tree. This woman is to be unwavering in her faith, well-read in her knowledge, and strong of heart. She does not necessarily need to be strong as Witch. Her role is one of mentor and friend, a guiding light to those that have been shrouded in the darkness for so long.   Each of the Covens of the Tree have their own ways of realizing and presenting their Coven Leaders. It is a sacred rite that many of the Witches partake in, but few are able to handle the trials that their covens have put forth. The presenting of the new Coven Leader is a time of great celebration, surpassing even the other celebrations the Covens will have throughout the year.


There are few qualifications or requirements to become a Coven Leader as it is a position chosen by the goddess Libra. It is by her standards that a Witch is judged, and those standards may change depending on the Coven that requires a new leader.

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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
16 Oct, 2020 23:26

I love this. I imagine being chosen by Libra is such a blessing for these women.

Emy x   Please check out my Alliance Challenge article! :)
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