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Bestiary February 2023

Creatures of all sizes are extremely important to the worlds that we build, but they are also extremely important to the gaming systems that are run in our worlds as well. This month, I wanted to focus on not only building out the bestiary for Isekai as a whole, but creating creatures that one may meet while playing in the Storybook system. Some of these creatures could be pets or mounts, while some are dangerous creatures that would very well maim or seriously injure party members. That being said, all sorts of creatures are necessary for a robust world that is filled to the brim with adventure.   Each entry found here will include a statblock for the creature and the article relating to their lore. Not all lore articles were created during this month, but all statblocks were. *Statblocks can be found at the bottom of the lore articles. Creatures will range in difficulty and ability, allowing for creatures that would be found early on in a campaign and ones that would be found later on when the Adventurers had grown into their abilities and chosen new professions.   Eventually, these statblocks and bits of lore will be gathered together along with others to create Storybook's bestiary, but for now, enjoy the early look at the newest creatures to be found roaming the lands of Isekai.
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Author's Notes

A huge thanks to Tillerz for knocking out a statblock for Storybook's creatures in one night! Check out the bottom of the lore articles here to see his amazing work!

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7 Feb, 2023 13:32

Looking forward to seeing this more filled out! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
7 Feb, 2023 13:50

I'm loving these -- especially the artwork -- but this is so fun to see you filling out your world with creatures =)   Kinda partial to the spiders so far -- though Dire Wolves are always fascinating.

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