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Ballad of the Snow King

Feats of Eldrin Ylyndar

As the snow softly falls on the first evening of Snowfell, a Bard retrieves a lute and stands tall on a stump near the ever-burning fire in the center of the square. The crowd falls to a hush, waiting for the words that will spill from the lips of the lithe Elf woman wrapped in furs standing before them. Blue floating lights string themselves up behind her, and twinkling snowflakes, most likely the creation of the city's enchantress, begin to fall amongst the crowd. The story that the Bard begins to tell in song is one only heard once a year, but it is the reason that all can stand fearless within the walls of Yllvalion.   The story told is centuries old, about Eldrin Ylyndar and the founding of the Knights of Yggdrasil, of the first winter that brought the Snowfell, and of the hope that was brought by the Ylyndar Clan and the blessing of the Metallic Dragons through the gift of the Gem of Stars and Hope. Those around the fire listen with rapt attention, all in awe of the story that still brings them together more than five thousand years after Eldrin Ylyndar claimed this place for the city of Yllvalion.   The Knights of Yggdrasil stand at the edges of the courtyard, listening more to the story and its meaning than serving as protection. Their teachings and training from the words of the first Ylyndar allow this to be true, but the ballad serves as a reminder of the duty that these Knights hold. It is an ancient tale that remains relevant to all who hear it in the city, a story that continues to be retold at Snowfell.   When the whispy voice of the Bard fades, the silence continues. The retelling marks the end of the first day of Snowfell. Those in the courtyard return to their homes, to the castle, to the inn, all followed by a floating light and one of the shimmering snowflakes of the enchantress. The lights of both will finally fade when Snowfell comes to an end.


The purpose of the ballad is the retelling of some of the feats of the founder of the Knights of Yggdrasil, Eldrin Ylyndar. His teachings are the foundation for the Knights and their duties, as well as the hope that keeps the city moving forward when times are tough.
Imagery, Artistic
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth


Author's Notes

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Sep 4, 2021 14:37 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

It's a great ballad - I wish I could hear the tune, but the rhythm is good! :D I love the description of the retelling.

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