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Alliance for the Study of Historic and Extinct Societies

Written by RiverFang

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We are nothing but dust and to dust we shall return.
— Unknown
  Gathered around an oaken table ladened with blueprints, tattered maps, and a scattering of dirt and priceless artifacts, an odd conclave of individuals meets, discussing events and peoples long past, even in the lifetimes of Elves. Here they will discuss many things, nestled in one of the quiet rooms of the Unending Scroll for their week-long assembly, bringing together the great minds of the historic field. Their words stretch long into the night, drifting from tales of business to the tales of their travels and discoveries, the real reason that so many races have left their differences buried at a dig site so they may share some camaraderie in their profession.   As the days of gathering draw to a close, they begin to discuss the next meeting, the time and place of such an intriguing convention. Six months from now at the end of Fall's Evening, they will meet again, although then they may find themselves tucked away in a room of the Starlit Tower or within the palace of some Matron Mother of the Underdark. As varied as their members, so too are the meeting sites, never favoring the homeland of one delegation over another. The Alliance is nothing but fair, but the same cannot be said for the history they so gladly seek out.   The Alliance for the Study of Historic and Extinct Societies, known better as ASHES, is a convention of like-minded individuals serving as the protectors and conservators of their culture's rich histories. Created from the union of ten organizations, ASHES is the largest historical society in Isekai, boasting hundreds of artifacts and lost stories protected through their various efforts. While the smaller organizations claim their own territories and cultures to protect, the Alliance offers resources and aid far beyond any single organization alone could. Since the Alliance's creation, the historic knowledge and artifacts retrieved have created a more enlightened population on the Northern Continent.


The Alliance is comprised of ten historical societies from across Vóreios that represent a variety of races and cultures. Each historical society serves as a delegation from their respective areas to help make decisions and participate in projects that benefit all history and cultures on the Northern Continent. One representative from each group serves on the Historic Council and provides information and proposals that will then be voted on by the group.   A group's Councilmember is often one that has been part of their organization the longest or may serve as that group's current leader. In some cases, being appointed as a group's representative to the Council is an appointment made by the ruler of the country or kingdom that the group represents.   Each of the groups have equal representation on the Council, but as there are ten, an eleventh representative is appointed by the Alliance. This person often has no ties to any of the countries, kingdoms, or groups that are represented by the other Councilmembers so as to serve as an unbiased party to lead discussions and break any ties that occur when voting.   Outside of the Council, the Alliance retains a small staff throughout the year that includes archaeologists, anthropologists, mages, map makers, historians, and others that have expertise in a wide array of topics. This is funded through the dues system that all historical societies must pay to join the Alliance. Salaries, conferences, and various projects are funded through this system and donations from others.  

Historical Societies of the Alliance

Click the names to learn more about those that take part in the Alliance.
Dwarven Preservation Corps
Representatives of the Dwarven Kingdom

Dwarven Preservation Corps
DPC Emblem by RiverFang

The Dwarven Preservation Corps is known for their work on the preservation of historic mines and ore veins. Through their work, multiple abadoned mines that were crucial to the development of mining and smithing as known today have been preserved and updated to allow for public and educational tours. In some parts of the Dwarven Kingdom, it is a requirement to visit the mines of the Dwarven Preservation Corps before a Dwarf may become a master smith.
Elven Historic Council
Representatives of the Elven Kingdom

Elven Historic Council
EHC Emblem by RiverFang

The Elven Historic Council, located in the Unending Scroll, serves as the protectors and conservators of historic and cultural places throughout the Elven Kingdom. Through their efforts, a variety of locations throughout the Elven Forest related to not only the history of Alfensil, but the histories of the Outlands and Northern Outposts have been preserved and turned into interractive museums through the use of magic.
Empress' Cultural Fund
Representatives of the Human Empire

Empress' Cultural Fund
ECF Emblem by RiverFang

The Empress' Cultural Fund, located in Castle Nightbreeze, serves as the funding source for all cultural endeavors in the Human Empire. Through their fundraising effots and their historic preservation, one of the largest museums in Isekai has been established in the Human capitol of Stronghold. This museum holds one of the most complete histories of the world.
Society for Minotaur History
Representatives of the lost Minotaur Culture

Society for Minotaur History
SMH Emblem by RiverFang

The Society for Minotaur History serves as the representation of the lost Minotaur Culture that was once found in the Mystic Jungle. Since its founding, the Society has worked to preserve relics and locations that were important to the history of the Minotaurs, including areas around Feyline Bend and locations deep within the Deadzone.
Halflings for the Aid of
the Little Forest
Representatives of Coastland

Halflings for the Aid of the Little Forest
HALF Emblem by RiverFang

Halflings for the Aid of the Little Forest serves as the representation of Coastland and all those that live in the Little Greenwood. While a historic organization, this group focuses on the preservation of the unique flora and fauna that grow in the forest, as many of these plants and animals have called the forest home for millennia.
Society for Aarakocra
Representatives of the Aarakocra Culture

Society of Aarakocra Archaeologists
SAA Emblem by RiverFang

The Society of Aarakocra Archaeologists serves as the representation of the small population of Aarakocra that call Vóreios their home. While mostly nomadic, this group consists of mapmakers and archaeologists whose specialty is scouting ruins and other objects from the sky.
Fairies for the Preservation
of Fey History
Representatives of the Fairy Kingdom

Fairies for the Preservation of Fey History
FPFH Emblem by RiverFang

The Fairies for the Preservation of Fey History serve as the representation of the Fairy Kingdom and other fairies, to include the Deep Fairies of the Underdark. While mostly focused on the preservation of the long history of the Fairy King's Wood and its inhabitants, the group also has started preservation efforts in fairy-controlled areas of the Underdark and the Feywild as well.
Society for the Preservation
of Historic Vóreios
Representatives of all races of Vóreios

Society for the Preservation of Historic Voreios
SPHV Emblem by RiverFang

The Society for the Preservation of Historic Vóreios serves as a group that represents all races and cultures of the Northern Continent. The group strives to document the changes and history that have occurred since the events of the Eldritch War and preserve sites that were paramount to the outcome of that event. The entrance to the society's small museum can be found within the Starlit Tower.
Story Telling of Olden Rarities
of Yesteryear
Representatives of the Goliath's Cradle

Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear
STORY Emblem by RiverFang

Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear, also known as STORY, serves as the representative of the Goliaths and other Giantkin. This group does not participate in the preservation of historic sites and artifacts, but instead strives to gather, translate, and store oral histories of all races. This group travels across Vóreios to save the stories of the elder members of the various races.
Underdark Denizens for
Historic Cultures
Representatives of the Underdark and its various provinces

Underdark Denizens for Historic Cultures
UDHC Emblem by RiverFang

The Underdark Denizens for Historic Cultures serves as the representatives of the Underdark, although this group is mostly Drow. Through funding and the aid of the Matron Mothers, the group strives to preserve shrines and other important locations, although these locations are often not open to the public due to their religious and cultural significance.


The ten historical societies that now gather together in some secluded place on the Northern Continent see their histories stretch much farther than the organization that they joined together in, but over the millennia, no organization has done for the history of its people what ASHES has done in the mere two hundred fifty years since its inception. Since the days of the Eldritch War, the way peoples have preserved and interpreted history has changed, but an organization built on those very principles has stood the test of time, unlike some of the history it tries to preserve.   Organized in 50 E.A. through talks between the Human Empire, Elven Kingdom, and the Dwarven Kingdom, ASHES soon grew to encompass a wide variety of organizations that strove to represent every corner of Vóreios and its people. In the early days, ASHES served as a forum for the discussion of completed projects and a funding source for the smaller groups, but has grown to be a group founded on collaboration, discussion, and expertise.   Within the last hundred years, the Historic Council was established to make decisions upon projects, funding, and collaborations between the various groups and their respective governments. This council is always led by one member of ASHES that does not have ties to any of the governments. Currently, that role is held by Healer Mayja, a Loxodon who has dedicated her life to the study and preservation of history and cultures.

From the ashes of history rise new societies.

Historic Council

Click the names to learn more about those that serve on the Historic Council.
Healer Mayja
Delegate from ASHES
Healer Mayja
Healer Mayja, a Loxodon who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of historic preservation across the Northern Continent, serves as the head of the Historic Council and the Council's expert on unbiased, unabridged history. She has served in this capacity since the Alliance's founding.
Dorbek Greybeard
Delegate from the Dwarven Preservation Corps
Dorbek Greybeard, a Dwarf with decades of mining experience, serves as the Council's expert on mining, smithing, and the history of both. He has served as the delegate to the Council for nearly five decades.
Enora Xiloscient
Delegate from the Elven Historic Council
Enora Xiloscient, an Elf with a perchance for music and various cultures, serves as the Council’s expert on anthropology and the various cultures that call Vóreios home. She has served as a delegate to the Council for only a decade.
Malra Mue
Delegate from the Empress' Cultural Fund
Malra Mue, a Human of nomadic roots, serves as the Council's expert on the extraction of rare and delicate artifacts from dangerous or otherwise difficult locations. She has served in this capacity for the last two years.
Kurnak Silentvigor
Delegate from the Society for Minotaur History
Kurnak Silentvigor
Kurnak Silentvigor, one of the few remaining Minotaurs, serves as the Council's expert on the history and culture of his lost brethren. He has served in this capacity since his childhood.
Pimfire Tealeaf
Delegate from the Halflings for the Aid of the Little Forest
Pimfire Tealeaf
Pimfire Tealeaf, a Halfling with a love of botany, serves as the Council's expert on the flora and fauna of the Northern Continent and its history. He has served in this capacity for the last two decades.
Rhurra Silvertail
Delegate from the Society of Aarakocra Archaeologists
Rhurra Silvertail
Rhurra Silvertail, an Aarakocra with a diverse background in archaeology, serves as the Council's expert on aerial mapmaking and archaeology. He has served in this capacity for the last five years.
Nyx Bittermoon
Delegate from the Fairies for the Preservation of Fey History
Nyx Bittermoon
Nyx Bittermoon, a Fairy, with a deep love for all things relating to the Ancient Fey, serves as the Council's expert on all things Fey, the Feywild, and certain locations of the Underdark. She has served as the representative for the Fairies since they joined the Alliance thirty-five years ago.
Alexander Cross
Alexander Cross, the oldest and most well-traveled member of the Historic Council, serves as the Council's expert on magic and how the various types and usages have affected the history and cultures of Vóreios. He has served in this capacity since the founding of the Alliance.
Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi
Delegate from Story Telling of Olden Rarities of Yesteryear
Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi
Mokan Dawnleader Elananathi, a renowned storyteller from the Goliath's Cradle, serves as the Council's expert on oral histories and the best ways to preserve them. He has served in this capacity for the last two decades.
Imrae Vrinn
Delegate from the Underdark Denizens for Historic Cultures
Imrae Vrinn, a Drow with great ties to the Underdark but not to the Matron Mothers, serves as the Council's expert on everything related to the Underdark that is not controlled by the Fairies. She has served in this capacity for the laster fifteen years.

Voting on Projects

The Council often votes on long-term projects that benefit all of Vóreios through historic preservation efforts, but that is not always the case. Projects that would be a joint effort and preserve numerous things across the continent are of top priority, but projects of the individual groups are also discussed and funded as needed. This group mostly serves to preserve historic places and objects, no matter the group represented by the history.

Cover image: Organizations Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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