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MAPS! LOCATIONS! DETAILS! (but not too much detail). I like playing in a world where I know where I stand. I like worlds started from far away and then zoomed in with more and more detail. Give me lots of maps and locations, but don't fill in the spaces too thick with prose and ramblings about Zcysktiolo and the 7 day ritual you must perform to eat an apple. I like a world with magic, sure, but not crazy, everyone-has-a-magic-wand-so-nobody-had-a-job, kind of magic. Things should still make sense, no? To put it another way, I want realism in my make-believe. If this interest you than come along and pick the parts you like, and ignore the parts you don't! Also, this world is written from the perspective of a historian living in Prizna, the capital of Galvania.    
400 Years ago the fast Human Ronra Empire ruled most of the known lands. After a civil war, floods & plagues, and the Red Tide swept through the land most of its inhabitants were killed. Some of the surrounding lands managed to hold off the Red Tide, and as quickly as it came, it retreated back to the unknown lands whence it came.   Our kingdom of Galvania was in the shadow of the Ronra Empire for a millenium. We successfully held out against the Red Tide. Now 360 years later, flush with wealth, those memories are told more as legends than history lessons. When generations have known only peace and prosperity, it becomes increasingly hard to take seriously the possibility that we will have anything but peace and prosperity for the rest of our lives.