The Magical Gambit


The paper details the possible threat and benefits of the mages during the dawn of the Age of Metal who were assisting in the creation of forges, and, instead of taking a clear stance, was meant to detail to both warriors and mages that this could either lead to a one-sided power imbalance, or could lead to lessened tensions between the two groups.

Document Structure


The document is short written with few well defined clauses, just long enough to fill a single page. It simply has three paragraphs. One detailing the current change in events between warriors and mages, one detailing the risks, and one detailing possible positive outcomes.

Publication Status

The original document has since been lost to time, but has been reprinted and spread far across Irrelion, being seen as one of the most important pieces of literature to ever exist, within the sphere of knowledge of almost everyone.

Historical Details


As language and writing advanced to the point that ideas started to spread, metallurgy began to pique the interest of many. It was quickly learned that a typical fire can not melt most metal, and forges had not advanced enough to melt them either, so mages had to be involved in the process of metallurgy in its early stages. This led to the idea that the mages will either create tools that will be their undoing, or will end the hostilities between those who use magic and don't.


It is one of the most widespread pieces of literature ever, and was the most widespread in its day. It is widely regarded as a key cause as to the free spread of information, and is considered by many to be a core reason that warriors and mages ended up allying,

Public Reaction

Most of the general public initially had no reason to care, as the literature was only relevant to mages and warriors, but as time passed, it was recognized as a key piece of literature, and became common knowledge to most.


The document set a massive precedent of sharing ideas and worries openly, with the hopes that airing one's beliefs could help shift the outcome of any given event. In a sense, this document laid the grounds for the earliest train of thought behind diplomacy at large.
Authoring Date
M.A. 189


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