Raven Valley

A heavily forested and nature-rich valley known for being a nesting place for many of the ravens on Irrelion.


The current Head of the Guard, who is appointed by the Emperor, rules over the city from the Guard Barracks and has a direct line of communication with the Emperor.


The city has a quite average stone & wood wall alongside a respectable sized guard force.


The city is largely residential, with the few major infrastructural assets being numerous windmills for grinding grain or small shops with the tools to make anything necessary for residential life.


Stores of basic resources and food are held in case of emergency.


The area made it perfect for farmers to sell products to traveling traders and was a great location for farming in general, which led to it becoming a major farming and population hub in the Afrington Empire.


Well built wooden structures are the most prevalent, as the forests nearby are a great source of sturdy wood.
Owning Organization


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