Oakhall Citadel

A once-fortress turned city, the old fortress has been continually expanded and now serves as the castle for the Claydor Family.


Roy Claydor


Massive walls separating the city districts with gates at each one, and a massive citadel in the center, means that any invasion of this city is not only difficult from the outside, but from the inside too

Industry & Trade

much of the city focuses on trade, and the artisans take raw materials from trade and turn them into more valuable goods to resell.


Stores of weapons, armor, and numerous other resources like food, wood, and metal, sit in stockpiles beneath the citadel.


Formed as a small citadel in the past to house an influential family, the Claydor family took it over during the beginning of the Age of Blood, and used it to stage their kingdom. The mountains north of the citadel prevented almost any excursion into their claimed lands, and they defend it fiercely, but they struggle to push outside of their own lands for this same purpose.


Thick, sturdy, log cabins mingle with stone architecture as new and old parts of the town mix and spread.
Owning Organization
Characters in Location


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