Nestled into a clearing in the woods, once an important crossroads for traders, it has retained its purpose as a trading route location.


the Forest Council, under direct command of Roy Claydor, runs the city in his stead, passing laws of their own accord and managing the guard force and town policies.


Sturdy walls and gates surround the city which has little natural defenses.

Industry & Trade

Trade in consists heavily of metals for tools or other goods that can't be made locally, while grain and wood find their way onto trader caravans from here.


Large mills for grinding grain or cutting wood litter the outskirts of town near the farms.


Started as a small outpost in the middle of a major trade crossroads, the Claydor Kingdom fortified it to ensure trade stayed flowing through their territories, which rely heavily on it.


Sturdy and simple wooden structures made from the woods of the nearby forests make up most buildings.
Owning Organization


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