Claydor Kingdom

A kingdom occupying the southernmost territories of Irrelion, with a notorious reputation for eccentric rulers.


The King rules directly, with regional councils in each city or village acting in accordance with the King's will, with a Liaison communicating directly with the king and his Royal Council directly. The Royal Council is the few most trusted advisors and friends of the king who he trusts to help him in making decisions.


A culture of superiority, Claydor prides itself on itself, and puts itself and its citizens above all others.

Public Agenda

It seeks the absolute domination of Claydor culture and beliefs throughout all of Irrelion


The Claydor clan was once a clan of warriors, each elite in their own right. At the start of the Nation Era, each Claydor family member underneath the head of the family went forth and conquered in the name of George Claydor II, the first Claydor King.


The southernmost territories beneath a mountain range are well cemented as their own territories, and they are constantly struggling with the Afrington Empire for territories north of the mountain range. They have successfully pushed past the mountain range but have yet to create a solid foothold in the area


A military mostly made up of willing fighters with drafts from villages when necessary to fill the ranks arms the country with a moderately capable force.

Pax Claydor

Founding Date
B.A. 627
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Legislative Body
The King makes the rules which are then passed down to the councils and enforced through them
Judicial Body
The Councils interpret and act on the laws, and manage guard forces to enforce them
Executive Body
Many local guard forces and a few roaming guard forces exist to keep the peace and enforce the laws
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members


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