Afrington Empire

The Afrington Empire stands mighty and strong in the center of Irrelion. Somewhere between a Warrior Society and Warmongers, they have constantly sought to expand their borders. Ruled by the long lived Philarion Pendleton, the most noble families are also the strongest, with might being the greatest ranking within Afrington. Those who succeed in war rise, those who fail fall, and all the citizens, whether by choice or not, are constantly immersed in a culture and society built around the concept of utter domination. A proud nation of proud people, and one that would see all others dead.


Ruled by the Emperor with an iron fist, only the nobles can make decisions alongside the Emperor. Hand picked and risen through the ranks by bloodshed and war, the nobles prove themselves by fighting and winning in the name of the Emperor, gaining his trust and blessings.


The culture of Afringtron revolves around war and conquest. Children grow up playing warrior, coming home from playing with bruises and scrapes, all wanting to grow up to be warriors. Some grow up to be smiths, arming the Afrington forces, and some grow up to be farmers, feeding the armies. The lucky few get to join the armies. A job many would view as horrendous, they view as honorable. Those who die are given grand burials, ceremonies of celebration, where songs of old are sang as they are sent to the halls of their gods. Near every bit of society revolves around conquest.

Public Agenda

While no public agenda is outright stated, it is clear that absolute dominion over Irrelion is the end goal of the Afrington Empire


Massive fortress cities and mines running deep into mountains, vast fields of crops, massive blast furnaces outputting tonnes of steel, and armies unmatched in skill and size are but a few of the major assets of the Afrington Empire


Alinith Veymore, a Warrior Elf of days past, and a master archer, head of the Veymore household, a family of warriors, respected and feared all across the midlands of Irrelion. When the Age of Blood came, they conquested far and wide, and brought other families under their banner. As a nod to his mentor, a man only known by the first name Afrington, he flew the Afrington Banner high, and brought war to all lands near and far. When he finally met competition from the other burgeoning powers, he set up strict borders, not willing to budge an inch from there, and waiting for things to cement themselves before waging further war. After a few decades, Veymore began conquesting once more. The Afrington Empire has not seen more than 25 years of continued peace since its creation. As his life came to an end, he chose his successor, the outcast son of a niche warrior family. Nobody knows exactly why he chose this boy, but he has become known as Philarion Pendleton, the current Emperor. Veymore put his time and resources into training Pendleton, who quickly became one of the strongest warriors. An Elf that wore armor and held weapons that would put the Dwarves to shame, he was unlike any other elves. As the outcast son, he spent all his time with the other warrior families, mostly men, sparring with them and learning their battle tactics. Whereas the rest of the pendleton family consists of Battlemages and Archers, Philarion was knightly and wore heavy armor and carried a mighty sword. It became quite clear after years of training him that Philarion was chosen not to be a warrior, but to be the next Emperor. As his final act, he had the Pendleton family exiled for their foul treatment of Philarion, who took over the mantle of Emperor after Veymore's death. He has sat on the throne ever since, and has fought more wars than Veymore, constantly seeking ways to strengthen his armies and expand their strength.


Sitting comfortably in the middle of Irrelion, with plenty of natural resources inside its territory, the Afrington Empire sits in a precarious spot. It can wage war against all powers, but all powers can wage war against it too. Its borders are always contested and as such most of its population sits a fair distance from said borders.


The military is seen as a prestigious and honorable position to be in. Many people try to enter, and not all who try are successful. The military owes its success to its stringent applications and rigorous training, that ensures only the strongest join. This leads to warriors being seen in a very high light by all, an honorable position that brings honor and pride to the family of anyone who gets in.

Gloria vel Mors

Founding Date
B.A. 613
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Legislative Body
The Emperor makes the absolute laws by which all abide. Cities are allowed to pass their own laws but significant laws must have direct approval of the Emperor and no regional laws can contradict Empire laws.
Judicial Body
The Military acts one and the same as a judicial body, with the Military Police acting as the overarching Guard Force for the entire Empire, with the Garrisons at each city acting as regional headquarters. Judges are of the Military Police, those who go through trial and tribulation to become a judge, and give up the military life to settle in a town and act as a judge, still part of the military, but not in war.
Executive Body
Just as the Judicial, the Executive body consists of the Military Police, who issue warrants, bounties, and make arrests.


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