Iron Stars


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A play by post Stars Without Number living world adventure:   Six years have passed since The Scream, a psionic disaster responsible for killing billions across the galaxy in one swift stroke. Humanity has clung to life now forced to continue without virtually any of its psychic citizens or psi-tech industries that developed around their special talents. Deprived of the instant cross-galactic communication, and major jump gates this new era has plunged most of humanity's scattered worlds into an all-consuming Silence.   This section of the galaxy has recently vanquished a fearsome race of flesh molding aliens, endured raids by an empire of slavers, banded together to halt the ambitions of an evil mining megacorporation, and now face their largest test in the form of another unified band of political states to the galactic north.   Seven Polities (PC run and owned) work in an open galactic sandbox both with and against each other to accomplish their goals and ensure they have enough strength to stand the test of time. Frictions grow, and former friends now look upon one another’s borders with a mixture of fear and desire, testing cross-polity friendships and forcing many to ask just where their true loyalties lie.