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The Feast of Surrogate Experience

The Jademane of Sumati-2 view the exchange of memories as a form of currency.   Non-Jademane entering their settlement are often struck by the lack of any sort of conversation between any of its citizens , but those with telepathic senses will hear two different layers of noise to the city- the clank and rattle of machinery and carts, and the dense web of telepathic conversation substituting for the din of city life.   Sumati-2 and its inhabitants undergo the Feast of Surrogate Experience anytime adventuring Jademane return to the settlement. Those who are considered rich are truly giving new meaning to the phrase "Rich in Experience" as noted by several non Jademane guests present for this feast.   The celebration consists of a parade where those recently returned are welcomed back to the settlement from a landing area a few kilometers from the settlement. Those who did not return are remembered, and are likewise honored, their memories and memories of them end up added to the Feast during its later stages.

Upon entering the settlement there is always a large feast, as it is a natural way to get the tribe together. Recently hunted animals are roasted, seasoned with local dried herbs. Vegetables are grilled or eaten raw depending on the type, and fruits are eaten in great abundance. Alcohol is sometimes also procured for the celebration, but this feast is considered to be best enjoyed with a clear head.   As the feast winds down, the time of Surrogation begins often as the moon rises to its apex in the night sky. Images of other worlds, challenges faced, exotic creatures and plants, and the thrill of seeing adventure through the eyes of another are highlights of the celebration, with those returning from adventure being given the places of highest honor.   This level of veneration temporarily places them even over the deference given to tribal chiefs and other leaders. It is not uncommon for shifts in Jademane society to spring from this celebration as new practices are emulated, so long as they allow the tribe to continue living in overall harmony with the natural world.


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