• Tropical Biosphere
  • Breathalbe Atmosphere
  • Tech Level 3 with some specialties
  • Tens of Thousand of Mosk Inhabitants
  Pre Scream Population: Hundreds of Millions of Mosks   The Araqu system is home to a yellow sun, orbited by an inhabited tropical world, a gas giant, and a barren world that once featured lush forests and valleys. It has since been reduced to stripped rock.   Araqu's remaining inhabited world is a series of continents and island chains all loosely linked to one another by channels of shallow seas. The Mosk residents have collected into a series of city states that are fairly isolationist in nature, dealing with one another only when forced. No favors, no official diplomatic contact, and no formalized system of trade exists between them.   It is rumored "ghosts" of the Scream-slain haunt the inland ruins, and ships of skeletal Mosks patrol the deeper seas, though these of course have never been investigated beyond the rum soaked tales of drunken fishermosks, trying to forget the terrible things they claim to have seen.   Some remains of pre-Scream technologies still exist on Araqu, and it is rumored that a boneyard of space capable ships still exists in one of the former world governments mountain fastnesses, if one can brave the automated security and rumored to be haunted nature of the place.
Star System


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