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Faraka Uan

Just as Skurvash deals with uncomfortable subjects, so too does this article on its leader. If the topics of slavery and drugs are uncomfortable for you, you may want to skip reading this article.
— Rashkavar
  Faraka Uan is the effective ruler of Skurvash, an infamous city in the kingdom of Chelestra. Tales of his exploits throughout his criminal career tell the picture of how Skurvash came to be what it is today.  

Personal History

Faraka Uan's early history is largely unknown. When he first began making a name for himself, he had already been living in Skurvash for years, seemingly just one of the many denizens of the city, already a lawless haven for crime.


Before Faraka Uan came onto the scene, Skurvash was ruled by three factions: House Skurva, descendants of the robber baron who put down roots in that far flung corner of the realm, a guild of thieves specializing in infiltration led by a Gnome named Warryn, and an elderly Planetouched wizard named Kar and his minions. The three had ruled in uneasy peace for years, before attempts were made on each of their leaders on the same night: Keep Skurva was rocked by a powerful explosion, armoured men stormed the thieves guild headquarters, and Kar was awoken by an assassin moments before he struck.   Each blamed the other for the attacks, and the city errupted into chaos. And Faraka Uan stepped onto the scene, quietly talking to supporters among each leader, descibing how each would react, gaining their respect, and eventually, their trust. To each group, he presented a golden torc, saying that it was a powerful artifact said to be able to bend the mind of any foe to one's will. He professed loyalty, saying that Lord Skurva, or Guildmaster Warryn, or Magus Kar was the one worthy leader in Skurvash, saying they should don the torc and use it to subdue their rivals. Each group of supporters presented the torcs to their leaders.   Lord Skurva donned his without question. Guildmaster Warryn, ever cautious, had a disgraced member of the guild brought forward, and placed the torc around his neck, to test if it had been cursed to strangle the wearer. Seeing no such effect, he then donned his torc. Kar was most suspicious of all - he had never heard of such a device, and with his long years in the field, surely he would know of such an artifact in the region. A device like that would have had a profound impact on history, he surmised. He subjected it to a magical inspection, but for a master capable of producing these torcs, producing a web of deceit to mislead such a spell ever so slightly was an easy feat. The spell confirmed the reports that it would allow one to control the mind of an enemy. Still wary, but seeing the limitless potential of such a device and the opportunity for betrayal it would offer even the most trusted supporter, he, too, donned the torc.   Once the torcs were on, however, their true nature was revealed. Like the golden collars common in Skurvash today, the torcs were enchanted with the power to dominate a mind, but that of the wearer, not at behest of the wearer. Unlike the modern collars, though, the fool who dons the torc willingly becomes the slave not of the one who convinced them to wear it, but of Faraka Uan alone. And unlike those collars, it provides no false reassurance that twists the victim into a mockery of willing servitude, allowing them to respond as they normally would aside from their complete obedience to their new master.   To accomplish this, Faraka Uan lived in Skurvash for years, living like a chameleon. He served wine at Lord Skurvash's table for months, and stood watch at his gates. He joined the guild as a cutpurse, spending weeks living in the thieves' secret headquarters. And he served as a faithful assistant in a number of Kar's magical experiments. He came to know these leaders, and how they thought, and thus came to know how they would, one day, fall. Once he had that knowledge, it was a simple matter of being in the right place at the right time, and suddenly, he secretly became the undisputed ruler of Skurvash.  

The Truth Behind the Legend

If you want this to remain mysterious, do not read this section.
Faraka Uan is, in reality, a group of 3 elven triplets: Farid, Akara, and Uanmareth.
  • Uanmareth is the public face of the three, the one people in Skurvash see, and know, and fear. He is cunning and charismatic, and a master of disguise. Disguised as an officer of House Skurva's guard, he led the raid on the thieves guild.
  • Farid is the most direct of the three, powerful, ruthless, and loyal to the last. He posed as the assassin who attacked Kar, and narrowly escaped with his life.
  • Akara made a deal with dark powers, pledging to bring many souls to his patron in exchange for magical prowess. It was his attack that rattled Keep Skurva to its foundations, and it is his patron that provides the torcs and collars, with their powerful dominating magic.
  • All three have grown very old in their tenure as rulers of Skurvash, and they have largely retired from public life. However, Akara still provides enchanted collars. Slavers who arrive in town must merely allow the number of unfortunate souls they have on offer be known, and they will awaken the next day with enough collars for each of them. Others find open collars on serving trays at many of the taverns that dot the back alleys of Skurvash, quietly deposited by one of Akara's many personal slaves.  
    Current Location
    Cold, golden, and calculating
    Black as night
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Fair skinned
    101 lbs
    Ruled Locations


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