Vumon is the only town Aedoro and was build 20 years ago. It is a harbour town, used as a stop in the maritim trading routes and a place to stay for the adventurers that come to the island to reclaim the territories. While it is actually owned by the Svekshes clan because they were who founded it, there are negotiations to transpass its ownership to the Persashes clan as they are the owners of Aedoro.


There is not a great diversity on the young town if only permanent residents are counted for. The permanent residents are mainly Dorren Humans, followed by Shekkie, and it has a bit of Melgent population.

People that go through the town because of travels and the adventurers that temporally live in this town are a lot more diverse. One could find a bunch of people from each ipharians species and more rarely some of the Melgent species.

The main chunk of people in this town are adults, almost 80% of its inhabitants without counting the travellers. Kids are about 15% of the town's population and seniors the last 5%. Most of the working people are in the farming and fishing works followed by merchants, these three types of work are occupied by about 60% of the working adults.


The town is mainly formed by residencial buildings for the families living in it. There is a main square in the town, called Svekshes square (in honor of the founders of the town), in the middle of the main street that comes off the harbour, where most of the merchant's shops and the inns and taverns are located. There are also a couple of blacksmiths and tailors in the Svekshes square.

The town also has a harbour which is the most transitated part of the town, followed by the Svekshes square. It is as wide as the town and always has ships tied to it. The extremes of the harbour is dedicated to the fishermen boats as well to clam and oysers farms while the middle of is used to anchor ships that are passing through.

On the outskirts of the town there are farms and barns as well as some storage for the food recollected and farmed.

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