The mask in the cliff


"The mask in the cliff" is a book, narrated as a children stories that want to explain funnily, the ideals and traditions of the Larvaes and the Praecepts, and show to other cultures that they are not crazy as most people think, they only follow a different logic.
This book worked as entertainment material, but it never fulfilled its most important purpose (to explain their ideas and cultures, to show they are not crazy). It is supposed that it did not work because they aimed the book to be a children story (barely any children can read so the parents read it to them) and parents could change information as they read the book (there are lots of versions of this book amongst the children).

Document Structure


The book is divided into four parts:
  • Introduction: Here it is explained what is this book and what are its purposes. It also thanks the reader for reading it and expanding their ideals about the Larvaes and Praecepts.
  • The Larvaes village: The protagonist is visiting a town that is in the Larvaes territory. The protagonist learns about the Larvaes culture with games made by the Larvaes.
  • The Praeceptsecepts](ethnicity:f7aae354-226f-437c-84a0-c04e22b798dc) village: The protagonist is visiting a town in the Praecepts territory. The protagonist learns about the Praecepts culture through stories, told by the elders of the village, around the fire in the night.
  • More information: This section of the book list some places and books where the reader can learn more about these two cultures if interested.

Historical Details


Written about five years ago by a group of Larvaes and Praecepts it took a half year to write and edit it. They found a publisher relatively fast, and copies of the book sent around Branul.


While this book is written with different people to make sure it stays the truest to the traditions and ideals, the principal authors are Dillia Calenus and Sofus Kofoed, a Larvaes and a Praecepts.
Dillia Calenus and @sofu meet themselves while writing this book and after ending it they formed a couple. They are now travelling Iphars, collecting information about different cultures and trying to write a better and more informative book of their cultures as they both know that the book has not fulfilled its most important purpose.
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Why is it named "The mask in the cliff"?

The book is named "The mask in the cliff" because the Larvaes are a culture focused on masks and the Praecepts are a culture that lives in cliffs.


While this book has not been published too long to get versions, there seems to be one or two circulating versions without the "introduction" and "more information"

Public reaction

While people liked it as an entertaining book, people never cared too much that it was supposed to teach the cultures to others.

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6 Jul, 2020 18:12

I liked that the people didn't care that much that it was trying to teach them!

6 Jul, 2020 18:16

I mean, who does that? (Just ignore the fact that I usually care about what the books try to teach me if they are in a narrative form) :D

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Haha aw, this book had the best intentions but it didn't really work out. I love that idea. So true to life. :)

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Yeah, it's a shame, it would have been very educative

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