The dawn of magic

The dawn of magic is a devastating event that occurred fifty years ago.

The event

All around the world, islands started floating, forests and other places started to be populated by magical creatures, planes collapsed with Iphars (mortal plane), magic started appearing everywhere, and Riox appeared to stay.
  • Floating islands: Many islands of the oceans or underwater terrains started to elevate until reach the air level. Apart from these islands, a full archipelago of floating islands appeared from nowhere, in the northen part of Iphars.
  • Magical creatures: Many creatures from other planes started to call the mortal plane their homes, mostly inhabiting forests, caves, or even floating islands. Some species that before the dawn of magic where not magical, started to develop magical abilities.
  • Planes: In the middle of all these islands and creatures appearing, portals to other planes started appearing in random places. These portals where not only "doors" between the planes for creatures, but it also allowed corrupted magic to came to Iphars, some places are infected with this magic and the places changed to look similar to the other planes. These portals are not permanents, they come and go, and thus some places have been corrupted by various magics and look like mixes of differents planes.
  • Riox: Riox, a comet that was passing by, was trapped by Iphars' gravity and has stayed surrounding the world since then. To read more, read Riox.
  • Magic: The suddent appareance of magic provoked good and bad things. Lot of people died by the new powers they had, but also a lot of people were helped by the magic.
Prompt 18: Write about the events of a devastating natural disaster in your world, either past or present.
Metaphysical, Arcane

The gods discover Iphars

The dawn of magic happened because the gods found Iphar, a world without magic, and were curious to see how it would affect if magic started to appear. Everything was provoked because the gods gave magic to Iphars, except Riox, its appareance was just a casualty.

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