+Yet another material to be called Fools' gold...
-Would it be really called Fools' gold? It has some pretty value, after all, its rarer than gold.
— Conversation between two explorers from the Therik compasses.

Stinor are small pebbles found in the dark earth surrounding the Golden scar looking and shining like if they were made out of gold, but after some experiments, it has shown that is pretty different from gold.

Other than its appareance, the material seems to be pretty different from gold. Brittle rather than ductile, rigid rather than malleable, and can barely conduct any heat but seems to be pretty conductive with magic. The only similarities to gold is its colors, that it reflects light pretty well and is highly valuable (althought its more expensive than gold).

So far, the Stinor has only been found near the Golden scar but it is believed that it might be found in similar places if there where more to be found. It is pretty common in the earth next the scar but its a small area and if a mining operation to extract it was to be started, it would not be long until it was all extracted.

No Melgent has said anything about this metal being or not in Ashtara and it is unsure if any Melgent is aware of this metal. Ipharians which can afford paying a piece of it are investigating it, seeing if it has some useful propiety that would make it more valuable.

Because of magic corruption and places changing into other things because of portals or the The dawn of magic, Therik compasses are planning to try bury some different materials into the scar's corrupted dark earth to see if with time, they would turn into Stinor. At the moment, they are gathering different materials similar to Stinor and gold in different sizes and plan to start the project in less than a year.

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