Rusted tower

The rusted tower is an upside-down tower made out of rusted metal (at least the outside) located near the Golden scar that is believed to have crashed there from Ashtara when The dawn of magic happened.

The tower is slightly inclinated, with its stop half buried on the floor. Throught windows and hole in the walls, four floors have been distinguished before reaching the part of the tower that is half collapsed.

On the first floor, a weird artifact seems to be resting on air, surrounded by gears and other objects that seem to be a protective mesure of sort. The protective mesure has been called @Rusted and the artifact, which looks like a 7 pointed star with an empty middle surrounging an 4 pointed star, Rusted stars.

The second floor seems to have little else than some ruined furniture as well as the third one. The last floor is hard to see what's in it because the walls cover enough to not show the floor (which would have been the ceiling when the tower was standing) but its believed to have nothing left in it.

The Therik compasses have been wanting to explore the tower since it was firstly seen but the fear of the tower crashing down on them when entering it to explore has stopped them to enter it, but they have plans on making it stable once they finish Aedoro's exploration.

Parent Location


No Melgent has seen the tower yet as far as the Therik compasses know. And if a Melgent has seen the tower, they did not speak or explain what it is or even try to claim as their own.
It is unknown if the tower was already rusted in Ashtara or if that happened during the transition of worlds in The dawn of magic, but it is highly doubted to have rusted that much while in its stay in Iphars as it is believed it has been here for about 20-25 years.

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