Obsidian bush

Obsidian bush is an energetic drink made out of the berries of the Diarni and the leaves of the plantname. It is a typical drink of Branul, especially in Estril, Veglesh and Celasia Empire.

Manufacturing process

The process to make this drink its pretty easy. One only needs to boil water with the berries from Diarni and the leaves from Cailne for a minimum of 10 minutes. Then one needs to take out the berries and the leaves, and the drink its done.
companyname takes this process and makes it more fancy by adding some spices to make different tasting Obsidian bushes and sell them at differents prices. They sell them in canteens that can contain up to 10 glasses.


Obsidian bushes are drink hot, usually accompanied with some cookie (such as Frestii).

When to drink?

The obsidian bushes are mostly drink in winter time, in the evening, when the suns are setting.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Related Condition
This is a common drink in Branul. It has been a bit more uncommon since the apparition of Afemintia. Outside Branul its pretty rare to find it.

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