Nevaid's wrath

The Nevaid's wrath is a floating island with an active volcano that raised from the sea about 50 years ago.

The island

The island is composed by an active volcano and its magma chambers. The size of the island is slowly increasing as lava pours out of the volcano and solidify at the verge of the island.
The surface of the island is barren with multiples rivers of lava (which end up falling off the island) and a volcano standing more or less in the center of the island, and while its an active volcano, it has not erupted since the island arose from the sea and the only way for it to get rid of lava its through the lava rivers. The volcano does not present any signal of starting an eruption in the near future.
The magma chambers, located on the heart of the island, are at medium capacity, with some of them being empty, and some others have holes that expose the magma to the exterior, leading to lava either falling off the island or covering the holes when it solidifies. The chambers, while they should have being emptied years ago, they do not seem to ever get to lower levels of magma.
The island floats around the north of emea, seemingly without a path or pattern of movement, but where it has been can be easily seen, as there are rests of solidified lava.

Flora and fauna

There is no native life in this hot floating rock. As it used to be underwater, the fauna and flora died because the lack of water, the increase of sunlight, and the change of pressure. Remains of all this life can still be found but it is rare an probably decomposed.
There is, though, non-native life, that came with the strange and mysterious floating islands that appeared from nowhere. Two species of animals, one Melgent, and a group of Naphilian that have been kidnapped by the Dagetel. They all are surviving in the deathly rock, with help of magic and knowledge that the Dagetel came with from their world. Dagetel also brought a plant that could survive in such extrem enviroment, and they use it to get food.


The Ialin is a species of birds that is used to live near volcanos. They have a best friend that they treat as a pet, the Radent.


Mouse-like looking, the Radent has been living with Ialin and they take care of them as pets.


It is a wheat-like species that survives in high temperature places. Dagetel brought this species to Iphars.


A Melgent species that came to Iphars with The dawn of magic and stayed at Nevaid's wrath. They look similar to Kreanes, with random spots of scales covering parts of their bodies and bat-like wings. They kidnap Naphilian to have them as pets.


The Efral are Naphilian that have been kidnapped by Dagetel and brought to live in Nevaid's wrath. They are magically brain-washed so they desire to stay with Dagetel.


Nevaid's wrath was part of the ocean floor between Emea and Izura. When The dawn of magic happened, the volcano started raising from the ocean floor to the air level. It was a barren hot place, where nothing lived in, until the Adea started appearing. It was then that the Dagetel (and with them the Blest), the Ialin (and with it the Radent) came to live to the island.
Until 20 ish years ago, the Dagetel did not left the island but when they left and saw the Naphilian, they immediately wanted to keep some of them for their own, thus "creating" the Efral.

Cover image: by Vertixico


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jul, 2021 11:08

Laaaaaaaaava! Volcanoes are so cool :D I live the animals that live there, the idea that they keep/kidnap other animals to keep as pets is really fun!

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14 Jul, 2021 08:43

Glad you liked it! And I'm so exited to write about the birds kidnapping animals xD

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Master Brinsmead
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13 Jul, 2021 13:24

The concept of a floating, volcanic island that rose from the sea 50 years ago is joyously unsettling. I love the detail into the creatures that live there, especially that the Ialin and the Radent are best friends.

Cait x
14 Jul, 2021 08:44

Glad you liked it, the best friends relationship between the Ialin and the Radent is something that I'm so exited to write

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Oh, those poor Efral. The place itself sounds absolutely incredible though, covered in lava and burning stuff. I Like it :)

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Thank you, glad you liked it! :D

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MORE LAVA!   Floating island, complete with volcano? Hell yes. Poor native life that had water replaced with lava D:

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17 Jul, 2021 20:23

Lavaaaaaa! And well... not all lives can be safes so I can have a cool floating volcano :P

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I enjoy the floating volcano as well as the interesting species found there.

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Thanks! I loved that idea :D

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