I am NOT a Larvaes, how can you insult me like this? They try to suppress us with their stupid masks, but I am not going to let them suppress me, I am a Maskless, and I'll show the world my face and will never allow anybody to suppress me anymore.
— A Maskless

From larvaes to maskless

The maskless are a group of rebellious Larvaes that do not think that they have to hide their face to live a good life (as Larvaes believe) and think that their faces should be shown to the whole world.


Maskless believe that their faces should be shown to the whole world, that their face represents them and should not be hidden. For this, they use make-up to improve their face, to improve their persona presentation to others. Some use make-up to make their goddess proud of her creations.

Make-up designs

The Maskless make-up can be divided into two types:
  • The believer: They believe in InsertNameReturn (maskless), and thus, they put on make-up to improve their goddess creations (their bodies). Their make-up is usually natural, only to stand out their faces, but without changing their face.
  • The freeman: They believe in no god or goddess, but they believe that they should not be suppressed with mask and that their bodies should be shown to the world. Their make-up is usually showy.


While most of them believe in no god, some of them still believe in InsertNameReturn (maskless), the goddess of Life (as Larvaes do), but have different ideas of the words of InsertNameReturn (maskless). The Maskless believe that, because the goddess created them (faces included), they should show themselves to others, and that they should improve their bodies (with make-up) to make the goddess proud of themselves.
Prompt 7: Describe a counter-culture in your world, something outside the mainstream culture of the place.
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How do they live?

The Maskless are nomads, contrary than the Larvaes, as they like to show themselves to other people (even if not everybody wants to have them around). They are always moving around Branul, but they are mostly in Praecepts territory as they like to have them around. Many Maskless become entertainers or do jobs that require them to move from place to place.

How are they seen

The Larvaes see them as traitors to their goddess and banish them from their territory and evade all contact with the Maskless. The Praecepts likes them, they do not share ideas, but they find them funny and like to hang out with them.
The rest of cultures does not see them as crazy as they see the Larvaes, but they still try to have as less contact with them as possible.

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8 Jul, 2020 15:16

Really interesting! I can see why the Larvaes banish them and avoid all contact - they seem to go against the core beliefs of the Larvaes.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Jul, 2020 17:03

They do! I will try to write about the Larvaes and Praecepts soon, be it for Summer Camp or to pass time while waiting for other prompts. :D

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