Kreanes are one of the sapient species of Iphars, found mostly in Branul and Kliras. They love technology, to learn and show off their abilities.

Basic Information


Kreanes are bipedal mammals that have a reptile-like tail and horns. They have sexual dimorphism pretty much like Humans: the genitals and the mass and heigh (females are bigger than males). Kreanes are the shortest sapients species.
They barely have any hair, only in their heads and, in males cases, in their face. Their eyes are small black pupils and big coloured iris, their ears are rounded (human-like). There are many horns types, from ram-like horns to moose-like horns. Their tails are covered in scales or simply skin (it is rarer to be without scales), they can have spikes in the upper part, and they can end in different forms: simple ending pointy, in a triangle, be split, etc.


  • Kids: from born to 15 years old, its the period of time to learn and play.
  • Young adults: 15 to 25 years old, they start living on their own and to work. Usually, a young adult might try more than one job before deciding the job they would be doing for the rest of their life.
  • Adults: 25 to 90 years old, they work and start a family.
  • Elders: they stop working and usually are taken care of by their family; it is rare for them to surpass 100 years old.


Kreanes came from the same ancestor as the other sapient species except for the Melgent. They appeared in west of Branul and quickly expanded to all Branul. The Zanvesh (first ethnicity) expanded to the east, creating the Pumbra and the Naree; Pumbra stopped expanding but Naree kept expanding more to the east, where years after the Larvaes will separate themselves from the Naree. North of Branul used to be a territory of the Naree, but after rebellious Larvaes created the Maskless, they occupated that territory. Cranae used to be a group of Larvaes who sail east after hearing about a paradisiacal island.
Kreanes are a curious species, just like Humans, but instead of being curious about exploring the world, they want to learn about new ways to have their lives easier, to learn about technology. They are always testing new machines, to be faster, to be stronger, to automate as many things as possible, etc. Kreanes are


Kreanes family are stranges in the views of other species. A kreanes couple is culturally expected to have a child as soon as possible after they both are at least 25 years old. There is not a number in concrete to have, but two children are what it is more common. After 15 years, when the kids have the age to go live on their own, the parents of this children are expected to have a second "generation" of children, again with no number in concrete, though it is more common to have only one child.
prone to fight if needed. While expanding to all Branul, they started to hunt down the Humans they found so they could expand, this lead to a war versus the Humans. After the war, they stayed in a peaceful relation with the Humans, focusing in their technology and doing deals with the Humans if they wanted something the Humans had rather than fighting for it. Now, with the faery war, they have retaken their war traditions and are preparing for when the Melgent decide to try attack Branul and Kliras.



Zanvesh are warm coloured kreanes, with horns more similars to rams and spiky tails. Their hair, horns, tails, skin and eyes are usually the same colour and more rarely same tone of colour. They like to orient their inventions to war and to have a comfortable life, and they still have war traditions present, they are always ready for a fight.


Pumbra are cool coloured kreanes, with branched horns, and slime (they are the ethnicity more prone to tails witout scales). Their whole body are usually same colour or same tone colour. They like to introduce nature into their inventions and use them to help nature; they are one of the most peaceful ethinicty of the kreanes.


In Naree the tail only matches the hair colour, and their horns are small and their tail usually end up split. They use their technology knowledge to help others, to help the wounded, to help animals and plant, etc.


The Larvaes colours are the same as the Naree, but their horns are usually goat like. They do not care too much about technology has others and always wear masks.


Maskless are Larvaes who did not believe that they should wear mask, and choose to show their face to the world (sometimes by using make-up). They care little about technology and they like to stand out and fight people.


Cranae's tail, hair, eyes and skin do not usually match colours, their horns are very varied, and their tails are spiky and usually ending in fancy forms (like tridents, arrows). They love animals and wear masks in their rituals.
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens daeman
100 years
Average Height
1,2 metres
Average Weight
45 kg
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Vilfoni - Common kreanes
Idanish - Cranae
Ephary - Larvae
Ulthin - Maskless
Suparin - Naree
Arethi - Pumbra
Myathe - Zanvesh

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