Ialin is a bird of pray that live with Radent in Nevaid's wrath and other lavas lakes in Emea.

Basic Information


The Ialin are large birds, of a size aproximate of a small dog, with a powerful hooked beak, strong legs, and sharp talons. They have thin, tapered wings for a high speed flight and a rapid change of direction. Their eyes are incredibly powerful sight, being able to see up to 1 km away with great details.
The male Ialin is gray on the back, head, and wings, with a lighter gray on the stomach and underparts. The underside of their wings are light gray as well. The beak is orange with a black tip on the end and it has black legs. The surrounding of its eyes are dark orange.
The female Ialin has a brownish orange color, with a gray black and wings. The wings of the female has brown lines, and the primaries wings are fully brown. The beak is orange with black tip and the legs black as well. The surrounding of its eyes are black.
The juvenil are brown above and buff below with dark streaks, and a face pattern like the female.

Growth Rate & Stages

  • Fledglings They hatch after a month of incubation. With open eyes, and with a lack of feathers. Fully dependants of the parents.
  • Juveniles After a two months of growing, their size is doubled and they will start learning how to fly. After a week, they will start hunting by themselves (small bugs).
  • Adults Fully grown, they will shed to have their adult plumage and will leave the nest, usually taking one of the Radent's offspring rather than finding one in the wild (now that they are on Iphars, they usually cannot find a wild Radent). Soon, they will start hunting bigger prays.


When it is time for the Ialin to reproduce, they male will fertilize the female and it will lay 2 to 5 eggs. After that, the Radent of the male and the female will be allowed to reproduce.
The eggs look brown with yellow spots, and they nest in small caves that the male crave in the floor, usually in a wall. After the laying, the male will hunt and the female will take care of the eggs.

A Ialin best friend!

Ialin do not have a partner for all life, but they do live all their life with a Radent which they treat as a best friend or pet. It is believed by Dagetel that Ialin have a special cry for their friend, meaning that they give the Radent a name. The Ialin will bring food, water, and take the Radent around with them as much as possible. They even sleep together, cuddling!
It seems that Ialin have magic in them as well, as the Radent are not adapted to live in such a hot climate, but when they live with a Ialin, they do not have problems, but if a Radent is left without a Ialin, they will die of heat.
If a Ialin or a Radent die before the other one dies, they will be depressed. If the Ialin is left alone, they will stop eating and drinking, waiting for death as they mourn their friends. If a Radent is left alone, they will quickly die for heat, but they will not leave their friend's corpse, mourning the little time they have left. It is common to find both corpses together, cuddling as if they were sleeping.
Unknown (otherworldy)
15 years
Conservation Status
Like many other species from the other world, the Ialin have been reduced to a small group, barely over 100 of them are left, and thus, their hunt or harm is illegal for the Melgent. Any species that will hurt or kill an Ialin will be punished by the Melgent.
Average Weight
155 g
Average Length
28-34 cm
Average wingspan
65-75 cm
Geographic distribution
Nevaid's wrath is where they live, visiting the north of Emea for hunting.
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They used to live in hot places in their world, so when they came to this world and found so little places of where to live, they settled down at the first lava pool or volcano they could find, including the Nevaid's wrath, always in Emea.


While juvenil Ialins hunt small bugs that can be found near the nest, the adult Ialin hunt animals that can be as big as a pig, but they usually also pick fruits as while Radent can eat meat, they prefer fruits.

Cover image: by Vertixico


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Awwww this is so cute ❤ best friend for life :D   How do the Radent feel about that initial kidnapping though? Are they "brainwashed" into accepting the situation and only end up liking the Ialin because they are entirely dependant on them for food and not dying of heat?

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Tbf, there is not anymore full wild Radents, but in their other world, the Ialin had a method to "domesticate" them.

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