Golden scar's stock

Welcome to the Golden scar's stock. Would you like some plants, some animal or monster parts or just shiny pretty rock?

The Golden scar's stock is a shop made by the Therik compasses to sell pretty stuff and new discovered things they find in their travels to help finance their job. It is situated in the street towards the main square from the harbour for easy access to the visitors of the town.

The building has three floors and a basement, the shop is found on the first floor and the rest are restricted to people working on Therik compasses. It is owned by Lar Bresh but is ran by the whole group and decisions are taken between them all.

The building

The first floor of the building has the shop. Filled with shelves with weird and new stuff, from animal or monster parts, to plants, to rocks, and even bottles of a glowing liquid, the shop holds whatever the Therik compasses find on their travels and do not have an use to it (or have spare of it). The prices are slightly on the high side but their wares tend to be for rich people or researchers (which get a special discount if accept a couple of things). They also sell some cheap stuff but they are things that they find in great quantities.

The second and third floor are rooms with beds, and other needed rooms for being able to live in the building. They are restricted to the components of the Therik compasses.

In the basement, also restricted, are a bunch of rooms with storage. These are filled with stuff for the shop, food for the people living in the building and other necessities. It also has a couple of shelves with armor and weapons, and some others with resources bought to be taken to the expeditions.

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