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Echo is a mysterious figure that have been seen around Iphars for the last 50 years, using the new magic as no-one else knew how to do and followed or helped by strange creatures never seen before.


Echo accessories
by Catoblepon

Echo's appareance changes. Each time they have been seen, they looked diferently. The only thing that had related their appareances with them is the necklace and earring that they are always wearing.


The history of Echo is a mystery, everything that is known about them are myths and rumours. They seem to have come from the other world. A common story from the Melgent is how Echo become Echo.
They say that Echo was once a common Melgent with a special ability, the ability to shapeshift at will, with no limitations. This ability did already exist but the other users of it were always limited to things that Echo does not seem to care about. People say that Echo attracted a god attention with that, the god of life to be concrete.
Your god-like ability that everyone talks about... Show me! And I shall stay with you and gift you powerful things.
— Excerpt from a theater about Echo's life (fiction, talking the god of life)
Gossips tell of Echo seducing the god of life and afterwards dating them. They say Echo and the god were together for thousands of years, they say Echo meet other gods and that they obtained many powerful gifts. They talk about a forbidden relationship between a god and a mortal. They say the last gift Echo obtained was immortality and the accesories they always wear.
Echo has never denied this gossips but neither has accepted them. Some people who were healed by Echo say that Echo spends countless time talking alone, to the gods that they do not meet anymore, to the gods they miss.
With the collide of worlds, these gossips have stop moving around, only commented when asked about them, although new rumours have appeared (read Riox's avatar).
With so many gossips and rumours, sometimes people forget that Echo is actually real, living between people or wherever their mysterious house is located. The latest rumour though is that Echo is the woman living with Pasha but many Melgent call it a stupid rumour as while Ipharians think of that, Melgent know the rumours of Echo and they think that is a lie as that woman has never appeared with the typical necklace and earring.
(Actual appareance of Echo)
??? (do they even age?)
Date of Birth
Related Myths

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