Aurora's theatre

Aurora's theater is the main theater of Dhalgron, the most popular of Uchres, and the third most popular on Branul It was founded by Aurora Saukira, a Zetoni, and it is now owned and managed by Eith Saukira, a Zetoni descendant of Aurora Saukira.


When one enters the building, they find themselves in a big room with three doors: one in the front, one in the left, and one in the right.


If one crosses the left door, they would end in a big fancy dinner room, the restaurant of the theater.


Behind the front door, there is the main theater room. The seats here are comfortable and in an U-formation related to the stage.


The right is private to everyone except the people working there. It leads to all the dressing rooms and the workshop where the props and clothes are created.


It was first one of the many houses owned by Aurora's father, but it was never used until Aurora inherited this house with a small fortune when her father died. Aurora started planning to turn this house into a theater shortly after her father passed away, using the many small rooms as dressing rooms and multiuse rooms, and the biggers ones as restaurant or bar and the real theater, where all stage plays will happen and where the visitors could sat and spectate the play. This progress was done in almost a decade of work and it almost left Aurora without money, but it was all done and she was happy.
The first play was done by Aurora and her group of friends, and it was the first of many others that they would do, slowly gathering more and more people that came to watch the play. With the money gathered from the plays and the new reputation they had, Aurora started paying other people to perfome there and their reputation grew even faster. At that time, people from all Uchres were coming to Aurora's theater (which it did not have a name but that's what everyone called it and its the name that would officially adopt a couple of months later).
After all the success that Aurora's theater had, Aurora stopped doing plays and stopped working for a year, leaving her sister in charge. But when Aurora came back, she was unable to take care of anything (because she felt deadly sick and decided to spent the short time she had left with her sons and daughters) and thus, her sister and her husband took care of everything. Since then, the charge of the theater has been passing down from parent to children.
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Aurora, a Zetoni, the founder of the theater, loved theater since a kid but her father did not allow her to do it, saying that she should focus in growing smart and beautiful so she could marry rich people. Her mother, on the contrary than her father, helped her learn theater by taking her to classes without letting her father know.
When her father died and gave her part of his inheritance (most of it went to her mother and sibilings), she thought to use it in theater, and she did, creating one of the most successful theaters in Branul.

Eith Saukira ->

Eith, a Zetoni descendant to Aurora, and the actual owner of the Aurora's theater, born with everything he could want and need, he grow into a spoiled man that does whatever he wants to. This used to seriously affecting the theater, as it was decaying in quality. People complained about that and forcer him to properly learning how to run a theater. Since then, he improved not only as the owner of a theater but also as a person, and the theater is slowly recovering its glory.
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