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Pysasiphi's Penny Pubs

Publisher and bookseller Pysasiphi died nearly a hundred years ago, but her legacy lives on in the business she founded.

Purpose / Function

Located in the dismal Sweet Fortune levels of Samavra, Penny Pubs caters to the casual reader looking for cheap and accessible entertainment. Although they charge somewhat more than a penny these days, the novellas that make up their usual fare are still not much more expensive than that.


The shop and printer was once the top of its tower. It has long since been built over, and its windows haven't seen the sun in decades (which probably explains why most of them have been covered with bookshelves).


Currently owned and run by Iaolithe, a great grandchild of Pysasiphe, the shop maintains its original aim: the publication and sale of thrilling (if rather formulaic) adventures and romances.   Pysasiphe herself was a failed writer who, after a young adulthood spent struggling to get her work published, started her business in a fit of pique. She held that there was a market for stories like hers, even if they weren't highbrow and long winded like the novels in the state library. She was proven absolutely right, with her shop and publishing company keeping her comfortable, if not wealthy, and leaving a stable legacy to pass on to her children.
Alternative Names
Py's, Penny Pubs, Petty Pubs (derog)
Shop, Generic

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