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Tin is a very valuable metal found primarily on the continent of Akith used in smithing. Due to how malleable tin is by itself, it is usually combined with another metal to create a new allow. For example, tin and copper are combined to create bronze while combining tin, copper, and antimony will create pewter.


Material Characteristics

This metal is a silvery metal with a faint yellowish hue that is soft enough to be cut with a regular knife. When combined to create an alloy, the new compounds typically sport a dull grey color. Although bronze alloy is one of the few exceptions as it is a bright shiny copper.


Tin is an invaluable resource because it can be combined with nearly every metal to create a much improved alloy. By combining tin and copper, a smith can create a bronze alloy which can then be used to forge items like swords and shields. Pewter is another compound created by combining tin with other metals. Unlike bronze, pewter is used primarily to create pottery, glassware, and other household items.

Geology & Geography

As with most metals, tin is found within mountains and the earth. Interestingly, the vast majority of tin is found in the The Silver Summit mountains in Akith.

History & Usage


No one is really sure of the exact date, but tin was first discovered on the continent of Akith 2000-3500 years ago before written history. What is known, however, is that after that time period, bronze became a prominent feature of the continent and trade between the Empire of Bleira and the rest of the world had blossomed.
Silver with a yellow tint
Boiling / Condensation Point
2875 K ​(2602 °C, ​4716 °F)
Melting / Freezing Point
505.08 K ​(231.93 °C, ​449.47 °F)
Common State
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