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Kur'gon is a monkey with leathery wings who will take items that are not cared for properly and will become offended at the neglect of farm animals. At night, Kur'gon will fly from town to town looking for neglected items and animals. If he encounters the former he will merely take the item but in the case of the latter, he will do anything from play pranks to ruining the farmstead depending on the severity of the neglect. Tales of the Kur'gon are told to keep children from misbehaving and not doing their chores.


"Remember to do your chores and put away your things my child. Lest we incur the wrath of the Kur'gon!
— Many a parent to their young children
According to the tales, the Kur'gon will travel from village to village every night visiting every home and farm along the way. If he discovers a child's toy or tool laying out instead of in their proper place, the Kur'gon will take that item and move onto the next house or farm. If he discovers the animals at the farm are being neglected, for example, they aren't being fed or brushed, he will linger and punish the owners of the farm. This punishment can range anywhere from letting the animal out of their pens to making the crops fail to even make the owners ill. The only way to make the Kur'gon stop is to give an offering of honey and milk for a month and begin taking proper care of the animals.

Variations & Mutation

Each area has a different version of the Kur'gon. For example, people who live near forests believe the Kur'gon lives in hollows of trees while people who live near mountains believe they live in small caverns. The tales have stayed roughly the same over the years passed down from parent to child.

In Art

The Kur'gon is often depicted in artwork like a small mischevious looking monkey with leathery bat wings. Although some artwork will make the monkey more demonic-looking if the goal is to scare children.
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