Humans? Ugh, why do you want me to talk about them?
— Gisyn, goddess of poisons, and the personification of misery and sadness.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Humans have two legs, two arms, one head, two hands, two feet, a mouth, a nose, two eyes, two ears, five fingers, and five toes making them nearly indistinguishable from one another. Some may be stronger or fatter or taller than others but other than that their anatomy is identical.

Genetics and Reproduction

Barely a step above beasts, humans breed through sexual intercourse and it takes excessively long for the females to give birth. Some humans seem to want to breed with members of their own gender but sadly, unlike divine beings or demons, they cannot do that. One would think that would be something Lyvona would have given to them but apparently, she doesn't like them that much.

Growth Rate & Stages

Humans start out incredibly small and then grow until they're bigger, though their maximum height varies and is nothing compared to a divine being. Then as they age further, they shrink back down with them being all shriveled up when their tiny life is over.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans, thanks to Lyvona and that airhead Ayara, can live anywhere now that they know how to make clothing.

Dietary needs and habits

Humans will eat anything, even things that are mildly poisonous to them. Though some have allergic reactions to food staples so maybe all of their food is mildly poisonous?

Biological Cycle

Some males of the species lose their hair as they age and some humans have allergic reactions to pollen of all things. I truly do not know how humans could have survived without Lyvona's guidance.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Every region humans occupy have the same type of social structure: a person or group of people lead an even larger group of people because they are good at killing or their ancestor kept the group alive. Ridiculous! We divine beings are all equal with each of us in charge of our own domain. The only one above use would be Sedum the Divine Chasm but they don't count as they barely acknowledge us.


I suppose technically Lyvona and her lovesick harem domesticated the humans.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Demons and a few divine beings not apart of Lyvona's lovers tend to take great joy out of causing the humans great pain or tricking them into slaughtering each other.   I don't know what use Lyvona gets out of the humans other than some kind of satisfaction at seeing them thrive.

Facial characteristics

They have a layer of muscle covering bone, that is in turn covered by skin and sinew that makes up their head which is all surrounding their brains and brain stem. On their heads, they have a nose, a mouth, two ears, two eyes, and hair. The hair can be long or short depending on the region and season and those who are biologically male grow hair on their chin and cheeks.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They're all over Iosis, even in the frozen wastes of Arox and the Scorched Wilds of Samolyra.

Average Intelligence

They're barely more intelligent than a tree considering Lyvona literally had to teach them how to hunt and harvest food!

Perception and Sensory capabilities

Humans, through the help of divine beings, have become the dominant species on Iosis despite having no natural weapons. Their nails and teeth are useless for anything other than chewing food or scratching an itch. Their sense of smell is so weak they can't smell predators or prey even a few feet away but they can smell flowers, food, and the ocean if its a few feet in front of them.   Their eyes are equally as bad with them only being able to see things 30 miles away in clear conditions during the day but nuisance things like fog or rain lower that significantly and they can barely see at night without Lyvona shining her light down on them. Not to mention how easy it is for their eyes to be damaged simply by looking at the sun!   Their ears are possibly the worst of any species on Iosis with them having the possibility of hearing things between the 20 and 20000Hz range but usually, they only hear the sounds in the 2000 to 5000 range. Pathetic, I know.'   Their taste comes solely from their tongues and is bizarrely connected to smell. This must be why they add strange plants and spices to their food.   Some, in recent years, thanks to Isyn's meddling are able to use rune casting to bend nature to their will. Those fools don't seem to realize that messing with the natural order of things will ruin Iosis for everyone but it will be entertaining to watch them succumb to their own greed and unsuspecting nature I suppose.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

It varies from nation to nation and seems to me that it's completely random.

Interspecies relations and assumptions

Lyvona, her children, and her lovers have given humanity all the tools and knowledge they need to survive and still they seem to be utterly incompetent! They've barely progressed past when they were a tiny little species constantly hunted under the cover of darkness by superior predators.   Isyn and her ilk, on the other hand, do their best to reak as much havoc and cause as much bloodshed amongst the humans as possible. It's pathetic how they only seem to find any kind of pleasure when playing with the humans.   I say its better to just cast them from our minds and let them die or thrive on their own terms. If they thrive then they will have earned the right to interact with us but if they die then they will join the millions of other species that are crushed under the weight of time and history.


Eons ago, humans were a pitiful race that struggled to survive in the constant darkness, hunted by every predator their size or larger. Then Lyvona took pity on them and with the help of her harem literally taught the humans everything they know how to do today. Currently, they are only mildly less pitiful as they are surviving but cannot distinguish another human from a demon in disguise. Because they are so stupid the albino Leobwin Cenric wasn't able to see through Isyn's disguise and believed her when she said she was a goddess who was bestowing great knowledge upon him because he was worthy. That fool deserved to die at his students hands. So now, the humans are disrupting the very laws of nature and are speeding down the path of their own destruction. I wonder how Lyvona will react towards the end? Probably find some new lover who can force the humans to fix their mistakes.


Major language groups and dialects

Humans can't stick to a single language. Instead, each group has their own and sometimes groups will have two or more languages amongst them! Ugh, why are humans so complex?

Average technological level

They can make weapons out of steal, wooden ships float on water, and shoot balls of iron from cannons.

Common Dress code

They wear clothes of different fabrics and colors.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Ask Lyvona, she's likely got detailed lists of all the customs and traditions humans observe.

Funerary and Memorial customs

If you blindly point to two different places on Iosis, you will find two groups of humans who have different reasons for doing the same thing! Why do they need so many different ways to bury their dead? They're just going to rot in the ground no matter what the living ones do!

Common Taboos

Lyvona was very careful to instruct them to not sleep with other species or children. While Isyn was careful to encourage humans to use drugs, kill their family members, cheat on their spouses, or have sex with the dead.

Common Myths and Legends

Most of their myths and legends are about divine beings, as all of them should be! But some humans have joined the ranks of myths and legends. Pah! I don't care what they've done, they are nothing compared to myself. I don't care if the belief in them has made them demi-divine beings! I refuse to acknowledge anyone who was not born from Sedum!

Historical figures

Why would I care about their historical figures? The life of a human is barely more than a blink to me.


Beauty Ideals

I don't know, I guess they're not dead and they don't have any open wounds? Humans are not physically appealing to me.

Courtship Ideals

Ask Lyvona's daughter Eena.

Relationship Ideals

They stay together until one dies and the other was not responsible for the death, I assume.

Major organizations

Humans have far far too many organizations, and I have better things to do than list them all.


Humans can live anywhere from a few days to a century though neither is more than a blink to a divine being

Conservation Status

Humans are under protection from Lyvona, her squalling children, and those pathetic lovesick fools who mill about hoping she'll turn her affections towards her once more. Honestly, I don't know why they even bother since a mouthful of water can kill them and they need that to survive.

Average height

Why would I keep track of this? They're minuscule compared to me with some variations between their shortest and tallest.

Average physique

Some are large, some are skinny, some are muscular, some are weak, some are able to run for miles while others start wheezing at even the thought of running.

Body tint, colouring and marking

Thier skin and hair color varies from region to region so I suppose that's another way to tell them apart? Though boringly these never change to a different color naturally. Lyvona's eyes, for instance, are an ever moving image of space while a humans eyes will stay the same dull blue color their entire lives.

Related Ethnicities

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Author's Notes

I might be slightly cheating with this article but, to the divine beings and demons, humans are all one species and one ethnic group.

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I love this article! It's great how much personality is in this fictional's authors perspective, you've made reading about humans interesting. I also love how the author's bias portrays your world well, without external information you demonstrate how humans are seen and where humans belong in the world while keeping it enjoyable.

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I like that the view is coming for a deity, though a tiny tool tip warning would have been nice! I was thrown off at first until I realized it was a non-human talking about a human.

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This article cracked me up. I love how much personality there is and how much the "author" cannot grasp why anyone would want to know about "these things". It's priceless. Well done.