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Language of the Braris Empire and Sanctuary


Brarisi was the official language of the Braris Empire, once the most powerful empire throughout Iosis. At the height of its power, the Braris Empire had conquered dozens of nations and had even more puppet states. Additionally, they were the leaders in the slave trade and bought, sold, and traded slaves with every other major nation at the time. Although the destruction of the Brarisi capitol Carthago Nova and the death of the Brarisi Emperor brought an end to the Empire, its language still lives on.

Geographical Distribution

Thanks to how widespread the Braris Empire once was, Brarisi is one of the most common languages on Iosis. Brarisi is primarily spoken in Sanctuary and many other nations that were once a part of the Empire or were created on the lands once occupied by them. Uxil, Salgat and Jarvi are some examples of the latter.   In the centuries following the downfall of the Empire, Brarisi has branched off into dozens of dialects transforming the language into something unique to a particular location. Sanctuarian is one of the most divergent of the dialects due to how often the citizens interact with other nations and cultures.

Sanctuarian Idioms

"Better dead than a slave!" or "Better Dead!"
Meaning a person would rather be dead than give up their freedom.
  "Avoid the shallows."
Meaning to watch out for hidden danger.

Uxili Idioms

"Better to struggle than be dead."
A common saying in Uxili meaning a person would rather do what was necessary to stay alive.
Braris Empire
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Was once one of the most powerful empires in all of Iosis but was brought low by a pirate with a grudge

Settlement | Jul 20, 2019

Pirate haven founded on the ruins of the Braris Empire

Organization | Jul 18, 2019

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