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The Aurochs are a species of large wild cattle found on Oyea that are used, when domesticated, as beasts of burdon.

Basic Information


Aurochs are the largest herbivores on Iosis.   Its legs are considerably longer and more slender than other bovine, with its shoulder heigh matching that of hits body's length. Its skull is substantially larger and more elongated than in most cattle breeds and its shoulders and neck are distinctively muscular. Cows are significantly shorter than bulls, but they retain the same leg to trunk ratio.   Their massive horns are as eye-catching as the Auroch's size, with them reaching 31 in. in length and between 3.9 and 7.9 in. in diameter. The horns of bulls are larger and curvier than those of cows.   The utters on the cows are small and hardly visible even when pregnant.

Biological Cycle

Mating season occurs during late summer or early autumn and calves are born in spring.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Aurochs form herds that number at least thirty. Status within these herds is gained through displays and fights that both bulls and cows engage in.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some Aurochs, when domesticated, are used as beasts of burden. Others are slaughtered for their meat, hide, horns, hooves, and anything else that can be used.
35 years
Average Height
Bulls: 61–71 in. at the shoulder
Cows: 53–61 in. at the shoulder
Average Weight
2,500 lb. - 3,300 lb.
Average Length
9 ft 2 in. to 11 ft 10 in.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Calves are born a chestnut color.
As young bulls grow, their coat changes to a very deep brown or black, with a white eel stripe running down the spine.
Cows, on the other hand, retain the reddish-brown color.
Both sexes have a light-colored muzzle.

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