Archmage Cassandra Delacroix

Archmage Cassandra Delacroix

Physical Description

Body Features

Pale ivory colored skin

Facial Features

Round face with predominant cheekbones, long thin nose that's slightly upturned at the tip.

Identifying Characteristics

Both of her ears are pierced.

Physical quirks

She is left-handed. When she was younger, anytime Cassandra was anxious she would twist and pull her fingers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cassandra Delacroix was born to Albert and Clara Delacroix on the second day of spring in 714 ARC. The youngest of two children, Cassandra showed great potential from an early age and quickly followed her mother's footsteps down the path to becoming a Rune Caster. Though she was a bright student, Rune Casting did not come easily to her and Cassandra found herself having to work twice as hard to keep up with her peers. Realizing she would not be able to rely on her casting to make her stand out, Cassandra began using the natural charisma she got from her father's noble blood to make friends seemingly with everyone. With so many friends amongst the Magi, who felt like Cassandra was trustworthy and reliable, it was no surprise when at the age of 41 when the previous Archmage died, Cassandra was voted near unanimously as his replacement. Making Cassandra the youngest Archmage in the history of Remia Academy of the Arcane.


Learned Rune Casting at Remia Academy of the Arcane. Before that, she was tutored alongside her sister by Isaac Dubos, the same man who tutored her father.


Has been employed as a rune caster all of her adult life.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Enrolled at Remia at age 10
Became a Magus at the academy at the age of 18, specializing in teaching new students the basics of rune casting.
Became Archmage of Remia at age 41
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
714 54 Years old
Current Residence
Light blue-violet, upturned eyes
Short, sleek grey-silver hair
Aligned Organization

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