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Before the gods came blazing, like shooting stars, into this realm, the world belonged to darkness and the Titan. Then Eanna brought light and life, and with the other gods, she created mortals. They spread to every corner of the world but they did not know they were trespassing. They would soon learn...   In the age before the Fall, shining cities lay scattered across the land, full of wonder and magic. Their buildings soared to great heights of finely detailed architecture. Their homes and streets were host to machines of gears and pistons powered by arcane energy. But those days are long passed; the war of the Titan saw the destruction of great swaths of the mortal civilizations and extinguished much of the magic in the world. Now the gods are in a constant struggle to keep the darkness of the Titan at bay.   This is Ior. Where mortals know true fear of the darkness and gods walk the land. Where the scars of the Titan's war, now a thousand years past, still throb and bleed. Where magic runs wild and the bones of the Before Fall cities jealously guard their ancient secrets.