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Ionian System

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There are many things to be known about the Ionians. Just ask anyone of their colonies. Some might say that they saved them. Other says they're tyrants. Some people say that they are just doing what needs to be done, and some won't talk to you in fear of being killed like others. No matter what, one thing can be agreed on about them. They're ruthless, they're efficient, and they're damn stubborn.   Today, during an age where the Eloandrianos rule, splitting power between four instead of consolidating it in one. Where the more power you have, the harder it is to protect it, and where four Ionians, one still just a child, rule millions of planets. One might think that holding onto power would be harder than ever for them. But it hasn't stopped them. It's been thousands of years since the Vuhkuru, thousands of years since almost half of their population was wiped out, and that doesn't mean a thing to the Ionians. Even though it hasn't even been a generation, they could care less as they march across the galaxy, weapons, ships, and power in hand, and raze new planets to the ground like that tragedy had never occurred. Welcome to the Ionian games of good and bad, or right and wrong. Of power versus none.   Meet the Ionians.

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