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The Mark


The Mark was originally created by the Haven Empire in its early years. As the Empire grew so did the use of Marks. Some of the neighboring kingdoms actually except the Marks. The Marks are usually excepted around all of Ionia. The Mark was originally created as a way to trade with foreign countries. Another strange thing about the Mark is that each new king or queen gets to decide the new Marks.

Different Marks

1 Mark: A small iron coin with a castle on one side and a warship on the other side. 5 Marks: Larger Iron coin with the face of a queen on one side a Spear on the other side. 10 Marks: largest Iron coin with a Shield-man on one side and a Jeep on the other. 100 Marks: A small paper bill with the face of the king on one side a Temple on the other side.

Marks through History

Manufacturing process

Melt Iron ingots and pour liquid into mold, then pour water when the iron is more solid.,, Slide sheet of paper under printing press


The money used by The Haven Empire.

Item type
Currency & Deeds
Subtype / Model
Used by
Owning Organization
12 grams
3x3 in
Base Price
1 mark
Raw materials & Components
36 grams of iron,,, or a sheet of paper
Forge and Mold, or a press

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