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Originally a very sparsely-populated world- elves and nymphs, really, and few others. It was populated further over time by boats lost from the Mainland- pirates, pioneers, explorers, sailors- until the name "Iona"- brought by a group of monks- finally stuck. Since GPS was invented, people don't arrive quite so frequently but it doesn't matter as much. Humans and non-humans have left each other to be, for the most part, but the communities have grown and solidified since the origin.   The known world consists of three main continents: Iona, Anabru, and Lashaar. Anabru bears only a handful of city-states ruled collectively by a democratic council; Iona is divided into three (arguably four) countries and Lashaar- until recently- was home to a minimum of eight nations. In the past hundred years, however, Lashaar- once a relatively small country in the north of its continent- has expanded to fill the entire land and now looks across the ocean to Iona.   **Note: I do not own any of the character images. All credit goes to the photographers, graphic artists, and models whose likenesses I have used to represent fictional people. Please don't sue me.**